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Answering the BIG Questions

Imagine a new theory of life the universe and everything. (TOE)

Such an idea would have to explain a vast number of physical phenomena. From Atoms to the Galaxies, the Ecological and Biological functions of life, and those are just the physical things. What about all the other stuff?

In order to properly offer a theory of everything, we would need to explain the deepest mysteries facing us today. Why are we here? Is there a meaning to life?

Whilst some of these things might seem impossible to answer, we believe we have come close to piecing together a theoretical framework that can explain both the results of scientific experimentation, and the sheds new light on our historical books and scriptures, that are the basis for our present day spiritual and religious beliefs.

Below we outline some of the main aspects of this new perspective, and show how it is applied to all kinds of phenomena; from the furthest galaxy, to subtle vibrations of the atomic fabric, and even to the inner workings of your own consciousness.

Let's keep things simple

As we go through learning more about this Geometric Theory of Life, you will begin to build a clearer understanding of the key concepts.

This will start to ‘fill in the blanks’, as the ideas begin to click into place. But it may also open the door to a few questions.

If you don’t find the answer you can always contact us us directly.

We have tried to arrange the knowledge in a coherent way, based on simple categories. To begin exploring go to a subject that most suits your interests.

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The structure of Maths

When most people think of mathematics, we often consider it in terms of numbers and mathematical operations, such as addition and subtraction. Extensions of our mathematical system include negative & positive numbers, integers &fractions, and the number ‘i’ that forms the complex plain. Once ‘i’ had been discovered, it was presumed that we had all the number types in existence.

Should it be found that this is not the case, then the implications for mathematics are quite profound. For just as the discovery of the number ‘i’ paved the way for a host of new and invigorating mathematics, so any evolution of number theory will undoubtedly do the same.

A New Mathematical Theory

It is our belief that there are still more numbers that have yet to be qualified, or quantified than are currently identified in our current mathematical theory. Based on a new concept of the nature of infinity, we have re-engineered the conventional number line, into a higher dimensional construct. The implication present a fascinating new insight into many mathematical problem that were considered to be solved.

Geometric Maths

Traditional mathematics sees numbers and mathematical operations from the perspective of a 1 dimensional number line. However, from a geometric...

4D Maths

4D Maths is a fundamental step into a new dimension of mathematics. Founded upon the idea of space, time and...



A Geo quantum discovery

If someone asks you, “What shape is an atom?”, you might think the answer would be spherical. It would probably surprise you to find out that in our Geo Quantum theory, we find all kind of shapes. From Octahedron to the Icosahedron, our research into the field of the geo-quantum world has revealed coherent geometric blueprint that is solving some of Physics most puzzling challenges.

Geo-Quantum Mechanics

Our Geo-Quantum Mechanical theory can produce the most accurate of the atom in terms of atomic radii that exists to date. It is thousands of times more accurate than the prediction produced by the Bohr radius, which is still being used to day as a quantifiable unit of the atom.

Geo-Quantum Mechanics VS Bohr Radius

atomic radii measured in pico-meters (pm).

Atoms for everyone

Through simple drawing to the nesting of Platonic Solids, we are able to engage a far younger age group through our innovative teaching models, covering a wealth of complex knowledge normally reserved for university students.

The our geo-atomic theory offers the only models of the atom that you can build out simple card using your hands.

Dimensionless Science

By examining scientific constants in terms of ratio and geometry, Dimensionless Science offers a system that is simple to understand...

4D Aether

4D Aether Theory revisits the popular 1800s concept of a ‘Luminiferous Aether’ through the lens of 4th dimensional geometry. In...

Geo-Nuclear Physics

Geo-Nuclear physics is the application of simple polyhedra to the structure of the atomic nucleus. It unravels the conundrum of...

Geo-Quantum Mechanics

Geo-Quantum Mechanics (GQM) is an extension to the field of Atomic Geometry. Whilst Atomic Geometry focuses on the S,  P,...


The Harmony of Nature

Harmonic chemistry is the world only model of the periodic table that can precisely explain the reason why elements 43 and 61 should be non-stable (radioactive) in the whole series of stable elements.

The rules that govern geometry, are also found to structure our notion of music, through the division of a line into either two or three. From this simple beginning the musical ‘Circle of 4th’s’ and ‘Circle of 5th’s’ are created, that form the Pythagorean musical scales.

What we have discovered, is that the periodic table is structured through exactly the same principles.

Now, for the first time, we can unify the concepts of Sound, Light, and Matter into one cohesive system that can be taught using your favourite musical instrument.

Geo-Chemical Processes

The concept that atoms bind to form geometric structures is well established. The field of Molecular Geometry has modelled a variety of molecules and compounds that fall into simple geometry.

It seems surprising that, to date, no one seems to have considered how geometry plays a key role in understanding how many biological and ecological processes transform from one state to another. Yet the patterns followed by nature are quite precise.

Geo-Chemistry examines these processes from a wider holistic view. By considering the Ecological and Biological processes that work to sustain life on our planet, we begin to see that life is enacted through the transformation of geometric forms.


Harmonic Chemistry

Harmonic chemistry examines the nature of the periodic table from the perspective of musical resonance. Consequently we now have a...

Geo-Molecular Chemistry

Geo-Molecular Chemistry Geo-Molecular Chemistry extends the concept and theory of molecular geometry to incorporate 4D, ‘and other Geometric transformations that...


The geometry of the Universe

When we consider the Universe at large, we find geometry is at play, from the formation of galaxies to the spacings and motions of the planets around the sun, all can be found to exhibit a relationship to geometric ratios.

But what is it that give these physical manifestation their form?

From the nature of light, gravitational fields, and the time space continuum, the universe is guided by mathematical laws.

What we believe is that the reason this is so is because time and space are in fact geometric in nature.

Join us as we traverse the geometric universe, and turn conventional thinking of Einstein’s theories of relativity and gravity on its head.


When we consider Einstein’s Theory of relativity from a geometric perspective, we find it is based on a 2D model...


Gravity still remains one of the most mysterious forces of nature. Presently the conversion dictates that it is a product...

Solar Geometry

It was the genius idea of Johannes Kepler to first examine the nature of our solar system from the perspective...


A Metaphysical Perspective

No theory of the universe can be complete without have a stand point on some of the bigger questions about life. Our New theory does come with its own particular view, however, what we have found it that when applied to our traditional concepts of spirituality, morality, and conscience attainment, it does provide new insights into some of the most difficult questions. How did the Universe Begin? Is there an Afterlife? Does God exist? Who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going are questions relevant to everyone on planet earth. Presently the scientific method holds its own mainstream theory, which seems t be at odds with religious scripture. Yet as Number, Geometry, and the art of compass construction bridge over into the world of metaphysical, we can at last begin to offer a more logical answer to many of these questions. Whilst Science and religion may seem at odds with each other, through practising the awareness of 4D and 5D thinking, we can overcome this gap and enter into a state of greater integrated consciousness. One where the subtle balance of spiritual and logical thinking unify to form a holistic picture of life, the universe, and everything.
Geometric Thinking

Geometry is a branch of maths, as so it inherently expresses number within its pattern. These patterns can be derived...

4D Thinking

A the centre of all spiritual disciplines and scientific theory lies the nature of human consciousness itself. This is not...

4D Yoga

Join the next 4D Yoga Retreat! More info What is 4D Yoga? 4D Yoga is a metaphysical approach to Yoga...




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