Check your idea.

Everybody has their very own idea about what life it about, how the universe works, and even the way it started, however does your idea reply the next questions.

    1. What’s the velocity of sunshine restricted to only below 300,000km per second?
    2. Why do we are saying mild is made of seven colors?
    3. Why is the atom quantised, but actuality on the macro stage seems analogue?
    4. Why do p-orbital electrons kind pairs on an x, y, and z axis?
    5. Why is Gravity a uniform drive all through the universe?
    6. Why is the cosmic background radiation uniform all through the universe?
    7. Why is DNA be made out of four bases (2 pairs), and why does RNA solely use three of them?
    8. Why is actuality solely comprised of 81 secure components?
    9. Why ought to the moon and earth have a mass ratio of 1 to 81?
    10. Why are Sun spots colder than the sun floor, which is colder than its corona?
    11. Why are the sizes and common orbital durations of the planets Mercury and Earth described so precisely via a 5-pointed star?
    12. Why ought to Venus and the Earth produce a 5-pointed mandala over units of eight and 13 years?
Any new idea would additionally want to elucidate…

Black Physique Experiment

Why the photoelectric impact produces vitality at sure frequencies of sunshine?

Wave-particle duality

Why does mild exhibit a wave and particle nature

Double Slit experiment

Why does mild collapse right into a wave when it’s noticed?

Quantum Entanglement

How can photons turn into entangled?

Time Dilation

Why does time dilate once we transfer off the earth or journey as sure speeds?

It might be useful if any new idea may embody…



What occurs once we die?


The place do I come from?


How is is that life is animated?

That means

Is there a goal for all times?


Is there any cause to behave in any specific means?


How it’s I may even assume? The place do ideas come from?

Now think about you might reply all of those questions, by exploring the character of Sound and Music, Artwork and Drawing. Its an interesting new means of working that additionally explains why sure mandalas, discovered all through the world, in actual fact, maintain the important thing to unlocking the reply to all the above and extra…