In2infinity Ground Breaking Theory

When it comes to pioneering new way of using geometry to explain our universe, we have innovated a set of unique concepts that make logical sense. Scientific theories have been tested and confirmed to highly accurate degrees of precision. Exponentiation has generated a wealth of data, and new technology confirms its validity. By looking at what we know through the eye of geometry, we can paint a very intruding image that explains the reason for our observations, in a simple to understand way. Below we outline some of the main aspect of the new perspective and show you how it can be applied to all kinds of phenomena. From the furthest galaxy to subtle vibrations of the atomic fabric to the inner workings of your own consciousness. We believe these new models pave the way for anyone who wishes,  to grasp a thorough understanding of these fascinating mechanisms that power life.

Geometric Thinking

We are all visual beings. Out mind is the canvas upon which we paint the impressions which become the innovations of humanity. We recognise that a earner is more like to understand and remember a complex concept if it is place in some kind of image. Science produces model that explain complex ideas. Business used info graphics and mind mapping.  Religion uses symbolism. These are all forms of geometric thinking.

Through the study of simple compass construction, we have design a series of educational tools for the visual learner. Geometry is a branch of maths, as so it inherently expresses number within its pattern. These pattern can be derived with any kind of measurement, which mean that the ratios they contain are always relative to each other. Through the study of this practice, we have been able to align this geometric information with a host of scientific, and even spiritual concepts. In this way be believe we can make learning more fun and interactive.

4D Thinking

4D thinking is base upon the internal shift of consciousness towards integrating higher dimensional thought into our minds. Through our unique exercises  and geometric techniques, we have perfected a specific kind of transformation of consciousness. Through integration of our geometric blueprint we have found it is possible to optimise the way we store, recall and  process information. In this way a 4th dimensional awareness can be created that empowers the individual the think outside the box.



The way that our current system of maths is constructed is actually a choice of axioms. These are the mathematical rules that we use to define the rules of the game . Our system of Universal Maths is a geometric system that is not played out on a single number line. Similar to complex numbers, yet more intuitive, universal mathematics is design to get the learner to easily understand the hidden construct of number that formulates reality.



If you thought science was all about measuring, then our new system of Dimensionless Science may come as quite a surprise. Based on the simple idea that the operation of the universe can be explained through simple ratio, we have found that complex formula can be collapsed into simple geometric images. Our system of dimensionless science defines the exact values for over 40 constants and pieces them  together in a simple to understand way.


4D Aether

A 4D Aether Theory that revisits the popular 1800?s concept of a ?Lumifarious Ether? through the lens of 4th dimensional geometry. In this way we can identify a 4D space can satisfy the criteria of an incompressible liquid. With this prerequisite solved, the quantisation of space can be justified as the transformation of a 4D hypercube. As one cube morphs into the next over time, to it pertains to produce a fluid like motion. Yet as the same time the Cube is the only regular solid that can fill empty space seamlessly. This intriguing theory resolves many interesting anomalies such as the double slit experiment, and the wave particle nature of reality.


Atomic geometry

Many people consider the electron cloud that surrounds each atom to be a set of completely  haphazard events. However, Schroedinger’s wave equations depict a different story. Electrons fall into orbital types, S, P, D and F that compile in specific sets to generate geometric forms. Through this we have engineered a 3D model of nested Platonic and Archimedean solids that make understanding the electron configuration childes play.


ELEMENTAL geometry

Whilst the Universe might be complex, it is form from only 81 stable elements. Additionally the structure of the periodic table can be accurately mapped and explained through simple geometric forms and music theory. Through this we are able to connect the concepts of sound, light and matter into a single mental framework. The theory can be extended to encompass an extended form of molecular geometry, that can model ecological and biological processes.


Universal Geometry

Beyond the ecosystem and ourselves lies the solar system and galaxy. The great geometricians Joannas Keplar was able to determine the law of planetary motion. Universal geometry bring new light to the nature of our solar system, and the galaxy beyond, and directly addresses one largest questions facing science today. What is gravity, and how does it work.


Harmonic Philosophy

Whilst most theories find there expression in the physical, there are exceptions. Harmonic Philosophy it a series of mind mapping techniques that tap into our inherent symbolic cognisance. We have developed a series of games and maps, that help people to attain their fullest potential. Many of the concepts support both traditional and new age thinking, and are underpinning by the symbols found in religions and other spiritual discipline. In this way we have found that people can attain great balance, tolerance, and harmony with themselves and each other.



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Check your idea.

Everybody has their very own idea about what life it about, how the universe works, and even the way it started, however does your idea reply the next questions.

    1. What?s the velocity of sunshine restricted to only below 300,000km per second?
    2. Why do we are saying mild is made of seven colors?
    3. Why is the atom quantised, but actuality on the macro stage seems analogue?
    4. Why do p-orbital electrons kind pairs on an x, y, and z axis?
    5. Why is Gravity a uniform drive all through the universe?
    6. Why is the cosmic background radiation uniform all through the universe?
    7. Why is DNA be made out of four bases (2 pairs), and why does RNA solely use three of them?
    8. Why is actuality solely comprised of 81 secure components?
    9. Why ought to the moon and earth have a mass ratio of 1 to 81?
    10. Why are Sun spots colder than the sun floor, which is colder than its corona?
    11. Why are the sizes and common orbital durations of the planets Mercury and Earth described so precisely via a 5-pointed star?
    12. Why ought to Venus and the Earth produce a 5-pointed mandala over units of eight and 13 years?
Any new idea would additionally want to elucidate?

Black Physique Experiment

Why the photoelectric impact produces vitality at sure frequencies of sunshine?

Wave-particle duality

Why does mild exhibit a wave and particle nature

Double Slit experiment

Why does mild collapse right into a wave when it?s noticed?

Quantum Entanglement

How can photons turn into entangled?

Time Dilation

Why does time dilate once we transfer off the earth or journey as sure speeds?

It might be useful if any new idea may embody?



What occurs once we die?


The place do I come from?


How is is that life is animated?

That means

Is there a goal for all times?


Is there any cause to behave in any specific means?


How it?s I may even assume? The place do ideas come from?

Now think about you might reply all of those questions, by exploring the character of Sound and Music, Artwork and Drawing. Its an interesting new means of working that additionally explains why sure mandalas, discovered all through the world, in actual fact, maintain the important thing to unlocking the reply to all the above and extra?