Welcome to a contemplative journey into the realm of 4D thinking, where we explore the expansiveness of human consciousness. This blog post introduces the torus, a fundamental shape in the fourth dimension, and delves into the intricate relationship between space, time, and shape. From science to spirituality, we’ll navigate the applications of these concepts. Emphasizing the importance of introspection, the narrative encourages an understanding of how thoughts transform from the inner world to the outer. 


A the centre of all spiritual disciplines and scientific theory lies the nature of human consciousness itself. This is not just about ‘what we think’ its also ‘how we think’. The mind structures information, from which new ideas and inspirations arise.

As we are each immersed in a 3D world, our thoughts tend to be bounded by this dimension of experience. Yet when we begin to expand our awareness into the 4th dimension, our thoughts and ideas, indeed the way we think, begins to shift. We call this 4D thinking. 

In this article we will examine some of the ways that this new heightened awareness can be applied to both scientific problems, and spiritual teachings, its power to shift the apparently unmovable, and to formulate a new world view of ourselves, and those with whom we share our planet.

What is 4D Thinking?

4D thinking is a new interpretation of how time and space are correlated. Normally, we think about reality in terms of 3D space. Yet, there is an aspect of time that actually needs to be expressed as a shape as well. And that shape eventually also has an effect on the way we see our life and the way we lead it. Because when we start to think in 4D, we start to become more aware of how nature on a bigger scale works, and how we as a smaller part are operating to bring it more into harmony, to bring us new ideas and concepts, to understand science, ourselves, and how our consciousness operates.

We have looked into the subject in great detail and have yet to find anybody who has put out a particular interpretation of what the fourth dimension is and how it operates. We base our understanding of 4D on the structure of the atom itself. This way of thinking opens the door to many new perspectives in science, ecology, biology, and even the way we see ourselves.

4D Science

The Torus

The Torus is one of the most fundamental and predominant fourth dimensional shapes of the Universe. You can find it on all scales, from the atom to the galaxy.

It is often described as a doughnut. In simple terms, it is explained in our theory of Inverse Geometry, as a dot that expands into a circle, which collapses back into a dot. It is always in motion, never stationary.

There are 3 main types of regular torus, each defined by the spacing of 2 circles that form its ring. The Ring torus is composed of 2 circles that are spaced apart by a gap. When they touch the hole closes forming a Spindle Torus. Finally, the circles can overlap, forming a Horned Torus. Each pair of circles can be mapped to the Flower of life, seed of Life and Vesica Piscis.

torus types

 When the circles are superimposed, it produces the 4D sphere. This can be visualised as 2 spheres appearing in the same 3D space, which swap places over time. The Torus is formed when the circles are distanced from each other. When viewed in this way, the 4D nature of the sphere becomes apparent. The further away each circle is from the zero point, the sphere transforms into the three types of torus. 

The Torus and the Universe

The Earth, with its North and South Pole, is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and it is the most prominent example of a Toroidal field. We know it exists, but we don’t see it, as we only see the third dimension. Birds and other creatures use this field to navigate themselves, going from one place to another. 

With our mobile phones, we utilise this electromagnetic field to transmit data and information, seemingly through an impossible mechanism. Around the antenna we find the ‘near field’ which forms a torus, just like the magnetic field of the earth. In order to project a signal, the energy must overcome this boundary. Once it does, the wave expands to infinity at the speed of light.

gravity and the near field torus
Discover how the 4D torus, of the near field is related to the nature of quantum foam, as the scale of the universe much smaller than the atom

The torus is apparent, dividing the various scales of universal phenomena. From the electron cloud of the Atom, the energy field of cells, up to the planet, the solar system, galaxies, and possibly even the universe itself. As each scale we find the same 4D shape, the torus, which divided the universe into discrete scales. 

The Torus is found at various scales throughout the universe

Some believe there is even a Torus that surrounds the human being itself, known as the Aura. You might have heard the expression, that some people seem to shine when they enter a room.

We do many meditative works that allow us to empower the human being. Structuring our mental processes are important as they reflect into the auratic field.

So by learning about these toroidal fields, we can understand how reality is working more easily and align ourselves to it. 

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4D is Space and Time

Science agrees that we live in a three-dimensional space. This is observer experimentally in the nature of a compress gas that is released into the environment. Once freed, the molecules will expand in space, which can be mapped to an x, y and z axis. This is clearly visible as the largest scales of reality in the gas clouds of stellar nebula, from which stars and galaxies form.

What are dimensions?

Normally, when we think about dimensions of space, we think about the zero dimension, a dot, first dimension, a line, 2D, a square, and 3D, normally a cube. This is the extent of the nature of space as we observe it.

The 4th dimension is considered to be time. Yet, how is this expressed in a shape? The answer is found in the nature of 4D geometry. In the example of the torus, the form should be visualised as being in constant motion. It is this that endows 4D shapes with both spacial and temporal qualities. 

What is Time?

Time is a change from one moment to the next, which can be explained by the nature of a torus. 4D shapes, they are in constant motion between two types of form. In the case of the torus, we can say that the dot at the centre expands to encompass the torus field, after which it collapses back into the dot

For example, if you follow the energy lines emanating from a central point outwards through a North Pole, such as that found in the magnetic field of the earth, each expands and wraps around itself, and come back in, through a South Pole to once again return to the centre of the form. The DOT has transformed itself into a circle, and the circle then collapses back into the dot.

This is an enactment of a morphing or transformation of space.

This transformation is a movement through different types of shape, which is what we call time. We switch from one moment to the next in seconds, in sequential moments of time, that produces a story. That story contains memory, it contains direction, it contains flow.

This is what the qualities of the fourth dimension are; a shape that is continuously switching between two states and registering itself at each moment in time.

One moment is when the dot expands out to become a circle and collapses back to the dot, and then expands out again to create the next moment. This is just like a film that is being rendered from one frame to the next, creating the illusion of movement on the screen. This is what happens with reality too. We are moving from one frame to the next, which has to be rendered through a particular mechanism.

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The Hypercube

The Torus is not the only fourth dimensional shape. There are actually different types of multidimensional shapes based on the 5 Platonic solids. The Hypercube or Tesseract is another one that is important when it comes to our reality experience. This looks like a cube that is superimposed over another cube in 3D space.

In order to visualise this in 3D space, often one of the Cubes is reduced in size, so it can be distinguished from the other. A 3D cube can be rotated on an x, y and z axis. However, a 4D cube can also be rotated on an additional w-axis. When rotated in this ‘direction’ the 2 cubes swap places.

tesseract rotation

If reality is like a movie, the three-dimensional cubic pixel needs to be transformed from one frame to the next. This means that through each moment we experience a different Cube.

Looking at the two cubes, the smaller Cube can be representative of matter, which are the things that you can touch and feel. The outer Cube can be representative of the energy of matter, that which is not manifest, i.e. the filed that surround it. Both of these cubes switch places from one moment to the next. In the reality experience, we don’t see both cubes, only one at a time.

What we are looking at is a quantisation of reality that is enacted by the transformation of a hyper cubic space; i.e. a cube that switches to another Cube. We live in cubic space, and we experience quantised moments of time at the atomic level, the Planck scale. In fact, everything in the universe is quantised.

What we are suggesting is that this quantisation comes about through the transformation of fourth dimensional forms such as the Torus, and the Hypercube. And there are other shapes that explain how multidimensional realities can be connected through the morphing of these fourth dimensional forms.

In that sense, the Torus can be seen as the energy field generated from the spherical electromagnetic wave, we call the Light Universe. While the 3D space of reality is a hypercube, switching from one three-dimensional pixel to the next. Matter is formed of atoms that exhibit quantised shells of electrons that surround the nucleus. This centre is also made of quantised units of energy called protons and neutrons. It is this nature that give structure to the elements on the periodic table. Furthermore, the majority of solid compound fall into some kind of lattice based on the Cube, Octahedron, or Cuboctahedron, or a combination of these forms.

With 4D thinking, we are presenting a new model of reality through the exploration of the fourth dimension and its qualities. We have come to understand that this is a fundamental component of what we’re experiencing, and even our own consciousness. 

The 4th Dimensional nature of energy

Presently, if you look into quantum physics, it is based on the concept of vector particles moving in space. Trying to map an infinite number of vectors is going to be impossible. This is because vectors are one dimensional. But reality is not only one-dimensional, it is also two-dimensional, a flat plane, three-dimensional, our five sense experience, fourth and fifth dimensional and beyond.

By applying a multidimensional view point to current observations, we were able to develop a new science that moves from vector based concepts towards 4D. Through this perspective, we think we can solve many of the problems that are still outstanding in the modern standard model.

Science often depicts a wave moving along a straight line (vector). Yet, once we expand our awareness into a 3D geometric model a whole new perspective begins to emerge.
Find out more about the 4D nature of light

One of the biggest problems in science is the explanation of how light can travel through a Vacuum. This was resolved by Albert Einstein through his solution to the photoelectric effect, which reintroduces the particle nature of light into the scientific view. Prior to this, the idea of an Aether which would fill the vacuum of space was generally accepted. However, problems detecting this energy lead to it being disregarded by modern science. 

Yet once viewed from the perspective of 4D geometry, the reason for its illusive nature becomes apparent. The vacuum of space is filled with a tremendous amount of energy. This has been expressed by many terms including, the Quantum Foam, Quantum Field, Zero Point Energy, Cosmic Microwave Background, or the Aether.

Once problem that the 4D Aether theory overcomes is the incompressible nature of the Aether, which can still act like a fluid. This quality is found in the nature of 4D polytopes. In the example of the Hypercube, It would be incompressible because the nature of 3D is already filled with one of the Cubes. Therefore, the moments of energy exchange happening between matter and energy can be enacted through the fourth dimension.

Aether wind vs D Aether
Discover the solution to the 4D Aether

A lot of the concepts that we’re working with are based on the fourth dimension, which is a much simpler way to look at reality in comparison to current mathematics. We look at things in a more holistic way, bringing the whole system into focus and how it works, and not just a single point moving in the system.

Transforming shapes

The fundamental characteristic of the fourth dimension is transformation. In terms of the Torus, it’s how a dot becomes a circle. We call this concept inverse geometry. This process also occurs with other shapes, such as the cross creates a square, via a 45° degree angle.

The morphing of shapes from one state into another is a very important mechanism to understand how reality is working from the lowest level to larger scales. Reality seems to be a living breathing geometry machine based on two opposing forces of contraction and expansion, the fundamental forces of the Universe.

The movement from one state to the next, just as we have suggested, is happening in a quantised manner. Reality is quantised, time is quantised, which is enacted through the fourth dimension. However, this transformation is a lot deeper than many people may first realise.

By mapping the atom, we have covered a mechanism by which information can be transferred from various shells in quantised stages, without the need to fill the gaps. And this provides an interesting model to define the whole of reality.

Why is it that electrons cannot fall in the spaces in between shells?

We suggest that the nature of space itself is geometric which is filled with energy, we call the atomic centres. Atomic centres are surrounded by Torus fields, within which other shapes are contained.

The transformation of all of these geometries follow a mechanism, which Buckminster Fuller called the Jitterbug.

However, we believe there is another component missing from Fuller’s model, whereby the transformation expands beyond the Cuboctahedron. We suggest that there are actually five stages of expansion, working through a very concise mechanism.

EXPLORE the atom from the perspective of geometry

When we take all this into consideration, the evidence for the fourth dimension, being the transformation of form at the very epicentre of reality itself, becomes more and more evident. By taking brave steps and shifting consciousness towards understanding the fourth dimension. Anyone can understand these concepts more easily. As our mind shifts, a transformation takes place within us, and suddenly the whole universe starts to make sense.

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4D Consciousness

Think Differently

4D thinking is a revolutionary way to operate your mind. When you operate your mind in the fourth dimension, new ideas, new mentalities and a higher intellect, are a natural consequence. You will find that you will be able to structure your thoughts differently. You’ll be able to think about things differently, and most importantly, define different courses of actions, which in turn can define your future.

A higher intellect allows you to nurture a more critical style of thinking, allowing you to step more into your own authority, your own understanding of who you really are. By cognising the fourth dimension, science, and spiritual concepts come together under one umbrella.

4D thinking is not just a new mathematical concept, it is a new way to operate your very being. It will take you on a journey into the very depths of reality.

Let us give you some more concrete examples to help you understand how fourth dimensional thinking can benefit you. To begin with, we say that we can control and utilise the mind in a greater capacity. A greater capacity of mind means more awareness. More awareness in turn allows you to connect the things in your environment with the things that you want inside. It allows you to make more definitive choices.

New solutions require new ways of thinking.

There is a common saying ‘think outside of the box’. Well, thinking out of the box is 4D thinking!

In2infinity - 4d yoga - geometric thinking - mind map

Turning inwards

This has been the message of almost any spiritual teacher, anybody who teaches meditation, yoga, thought empowerment. Turn your attention first inwards. By understanding how thought from the inner world transforms into the outer world, you can begin to transform yourself. 

We are each surrounded by an energy field. In Magick, this is known as the sphere of sensation, the aura, the electromagnetic field that surrounds you. Actually, it doesn’t just surround your body, it also surrounds the larger scales, the earth, the solar system, the galaxy and the whole universe.

The whole Universe is just a bunch of toroidal fields nested within each other. You are at the centre of everything. And by seeing reality in this way, you start to behave in differently. Your actions become different, your thoughts become different, your connections to other people become different, because you realise you’re connected to them through their toroidal fields and exchanging energy every time you meet another person.

Oneness Consciouness

Within a wide range of spiritual disciplines, we often find the notion of “Oneness Consciousness”. But what does this really mean?

In simple terms we can see ourselves as being unique and individual, whilst at the same time belonging to a living breathing planet, shared by a wide range of other consciousnesses.  From the smallest insects to large animals and other people, the whole planet is alive, sharing a unique moment in the spacetime fabric of the universe.  The image of the Earth from space has had a profound effect on the consciousness of humanity. Through this image, we can clearly begin to grasp the nature of being at one with our environment. The earth is surrounded by a toroidal magnetic field, which is reflected in the aura of each individual. It’s the same shape, but a different scale.

This is the first step towards comprehending the nature of oneness as a fractal structure, which is expressed at various scales in the universe. Similarly, your body is formed from billions of cells, each acting independently of the whole. Cells can be extracted from the body and placed in a medium, whereby they will continue to divide and grow. 

Yet, collectively they function to produce your body, which can be moved by the power of your thoughts. Lift and arm, say a word, all these functions arise from the mind body connection, which transcends the nature of an individual cell. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

This concept is relatively easy to comprehend, yet much more difficult to put into practice. In daily life, the tendency is to view other people as separate from ourselves. All conflicts arise from this very nature, not seeing our connectedness. The notion is often amplified by the external stimulus we are subjected to in everyday life. News stories on television, projected ideas that accentuate our differences, are very common occurrences. One reason for this is that fear is a great way to sell and market products and services, allow us to be manipulated for the personal gain of other, who coincidentally are also often in a state of disconnectedness from oneness.

Yet, our creative power can be amplified tremendously when we unify towards a common goal. We each hold a small part of the picture. Everyone has unique talents to bring to any particular situation. 

4D thinking helps us to recognise this fact, and take greater control of our minds through become more aware of our thoughts, and how we are compartmentalising reality from one moment to the next. This is actually a key component of consciousness itself. To create a boundary, and to categorise reality.

For example, if we own a car, we associate it as a personal belonging. Whilst driving in everyday use, the car becomes an object in the mind, ‘My car’. If one day we are driving along and get a puncture, then suddenly our focus is drawn to a specific area of the vehicle, the wheel. From being one unifies thought, ‘my car’, suddenly we become aware of the intricate parts of the wheel. We changed the boundary.

This capacity of consciousness is key to our very existence. Without it, we could not distinguish between different object in reality. However, it is also prone to manipulation by others for their personal gain. Developing awareness of how consciousness defines specific boundaries as we move through life, helps us to take greater control of events. We can start choosing how we operate our mind, nurturer greater tolerance for others, and become more centred.

This is not as easy as it first appears. It takes practice in order to achieve. We work on ourselves, reflect on our situations, and then act accordingly. 4D thinking offers us a wider range of tools with which to engage in the practice of life. As we develop our inner capacity of the mind, so the outer reality begins to alter to reflect this inner change. Your world is your mirror.

Intuition and Feeling

4D thinking is not just a mental experience, there is also the whole body, such as intuition, feeling and extra-sensory perception. When we integrate the body as a whole, these facets become more interconnected and harmonious. We are able to understand our intuition, our gut feelings and sense things that are usually beyond logic.

Yet, at the same time, our heart, feelings and energy is connected to our mind. Constructive thinking means to try and avoid negative spiralling thoughts that take us out of the pattern of bliss. Instead, we begin to focus on meditations that employ geometric patterning.

As we are connecting thoughts to the very fabric of the atomic structure, the very fabric indeed of time, and space, you’re entering into a very divine thought pattern.

One example of this is the Merkaba Meditation. It is a very popular meditation that employs sacred geometry, two Tetrahedra nested with an Octahedron at its centre. By looking at this construct through the 4D perspective, you can begin to understand that a tetrahedron nested in such a way becomes a fourth dimensional shape. And there is a good reason why people practice these types of meditations, because the benefits are really strong. You can start to hear stories of people who have had miraculous experiences. Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, ‘The Flower of Life’, talks about this in much detail.

Each one of us has a moral compass within us. Some people call it intuition, it is that sensation of knowing. You know when something feels right or wrong. There is that saying, listen to your gut. We experience reality through our five senses, but the internal sense, some call the sixth sense, is the connection to the energy of the torus.

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4D meditation

Meditation is an important facet of people’s lives, whether you are aware of it or not, you have at some point meditated. You have at sat down and thought about something, meditated on your thoughts.

Yet, when we engage with intentional meditation, it is more than just thinking. It is the act of taking conscious control of the breath. This is normally an automated process, but when we begin to actively engage with breath, we begin to change the rhythm of our breathing through the power of our minds. This in turn begins to alter our state of mind. We turn inwards, drawing our awareness to our mind and body.

4D meditation expends on this concept, by drawing our attention into the space in which we exist. The field that surrounds us is not perceptible to most people, yet it can be envisioned. By employing various geometric forms, we can begin to strengthen our field. This concept has been well understood in India, where mandala and meditation have played an important role in the development of spiritual knowledge and practice.

A mandala is more than just a pretty image. It presents a geometric pattern in 2D that also expresses the shadow projection of a 3D, or even multidimensional image. Through the practice of our multidimensional awareness, these images impress themselves directly into our subconscious mind. Subtly altering and structuring or mind at a very deep level. In fact, the language of our subconscious mind is best accessed through symbolic imagery. 

The simplest mandala is constructed from circles which interlock in such a way each centre falls on the circumference of another. After 7 circles are drawn, as design called the Seed of life is constructed. By connecting the nodes (points where the circles intersect), we can produce the 2D shadow projection of 3 regular solids, the Tetrahedron, Octahedron, and Cube.  

Sri Yantra in 2D and 3D

The Seed of Life is a simple expression of the natural formation of shape that can also be envisioned in 3D. Yet, it also begins to express space in higher dimensional space. Once we adapt our perception to recognising the pattern, so our consciousness begins to shift towards comprehending the very nature of space in which we exist.

Higher dimensional Thinking

In everyday life, our thoughts tend to be focused on the world around us. Events manifest and we respond to the stimulus. When we enter into meditative states, so our thoughts begin to shift towards the inner state of being. Through the practice of ‘Creative Visualisation’ we start to engage our imagination, generating positive thoughts which reflect the environment we would like to manifest for ourselves. But what happens when we turn our attention to the very nature of time and space in which we are embodied?

Whereas the reality we experience is continuously shifting, the geometric nature of space in which we are embodied remains consistent. Only the image of reality shifts, which is generated by the matrix of reality. When we unify our thought with the very mechanism, we can begin to strengthen the energy field, which acts to amplify our conscious intention. 

Through this process we find our centre, and start to operate from a heightened awareness.

The pure concept of space is something that is inherent to everybody, just as the feeling of love. And when you become aware of your space, it is the place where you can change all your problems. Actually, the only space you have power over is the space you are in. And if you observe and understand space, you can start to think differently. But in order to understand space, you need to let go of thoughts for a moment and just let space be the thought that you are meditating upon.

Think for a moment about how spatial dimensions influence the way we think. If you think about the zero dimension it is right at the centre of your being, that place of stillness, which means actually you don’t think at all. This is a concept that a lot of the ancient philosophies were talking about.

The first dimension is our focus to perform an action, for example, the idea of connecting a point A to a point B. When we focus on the external world, our sense of perception is generated from the vanishing point in the horizon line. So, you actually already think and experience geometry all the time; you just don’t normally notice it.

If you think about 2D, it is the way we see. Our sight is indeed a 2D phenomenon, even though it has the impression of being 3D. 2D thinking helps to relate things to each other. We use this to plan and execute our ideas.

When it comes to 3D thinking, it’s really about our reality experience through the sense of touch or feeling. How are things evolving around you, becoming aware of the moment you’re in, the only moment that ever exists.

Moving into 4D thinking, we begin to visualise the metaphysical nature of time and space itself. In doing so, we connect our consciousness to our ultimate reality. Rather than trying to manifest the reality we think we want, we connect to our higher self. We can receive new inspirations, and new ideas. We put our needs in perspective and begin to value that which is actually most important to us.

What is it that you want to achieve in your life, what life do you want to live?

Everything in the universe manifests in space over time. 4D thinking is about time and time is change. The change of the environment you’re in. The changing of yourself, and then ultimately also changing the world at large.



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We have explored the nature of human consciousness and thinking, specifically in terms of 4D thinking, and discussed how expanding awareness into the 4th dimension can shift our thoughts and ideas. The concept of a torus, a doughnut-shaped structure, is a fundamental shape in the 4th dimension. We have touched on the relationship between space, time, and shape, and how these concepts can be applied to various fields such as science and spirituality.

From this we find the importance of turning inward and understanding the transformation of thoughts from the inner world to the outer world, which helps us develop new inspiration, solve challenges, and move forwards in a positive direction, for our selves, those around us, and the planet at large.

Carry on Learning

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