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No one likes a smart ass. And so it has been my experience that if you do resolve the answer to life the universe and everything, you are better off not going around shouting about it. Though to be fair circumstances also play a role. For me, a homeless musician, with a compass, ruler, and $1 calculator (from Indonesia as I needed the 16 digits); to come up with a new Geometric theory of the Universe in in just 28 days, whilst confined in a beach hut without internet? It was going to be hard for the average scientist to give any credence.


As a wise man once said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ a sentiment we should be bare in mind when making claims over our understanding of the Universe. In fact, the Art of Sacred Geometry used to be at the centre of our scientific methodology. As our ability to use technology to measure the fabric of reality has increased, so the significance of Sacred Geometry has decreed in the eyes of the masses.

So is this a new theory?


Vast amounts of scientific experimentation have produced swathes of data that reveal the details of the most minuet aspects of reality. Based of this various hypothesis are developed and tested, until a consensus theory is produced. This then becomes what we call popular science. Yet the discipline is far from unified in its view. Chemists study a different model of the atom than quantum physicists, in part due to ‘simplicity’, but also because the historical discoveries occurred in a certain order and time frame.

The Atom

The Atom

Shells Surround a Nucleus

S,P,D,F Obribtal Shell

S,P,D,F Obribtal Shell

Used in Quantum Physics

The three branches of science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology have only become more specialised, yet often miss the holistic picture. This has been apparent in many of the discussions we have had with the various sectors of the scientific community. Often a Physicist that studies the atom, will be thrown if we begin to discuss optics (light and the eye), often leading to rather uncomfortable situations. Science tends to adhere to a particular view, and any new concepts that challenge the status quo are often met with anything from dismissive scepticism to outrageous defence.

Within the spiritual community, the concept of Sacred Geometry is beginning to sprout new seeds of interest. However, most of the framework operates within the non-tangible realms, often used for healing, and meditation. We believe that when this knowledge is married with our metaphysical interpretation of scientific data, the result is a solid understanding of a greater scheme.

Inverse to scientific apparatus, spiritual technologies require and adaptation of consciousness. Through meditation and contemplation we can change our inner world, which in turn effects our outer environment. For this reason, concepts such as morality, birth and death are key differences, not explored within our current scientific arena.

A new kind of mathematics

Mathematics lies at the heart of all new discoveries. By redefining the current mathematical categorisation of number, we have produced a novel new system of number unlike anything we have see before. 4th Dimensional Maths reveals new insight into the nature of infinity, providing new solutions to seemingly unanswerable questions. Solving the Riemann and Continuum Hypothesis, the most challenging mathematical problems never resolved by current mathematics, 4D maths is pioneering new ways of exploring our universe too.

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