Our pocket books
Based on the ideas of William W. Williams and inspired by the?Wooden Books series, we produce tiny and beautifully designed pocket guidebooks that explain complex metaphysical knowledge in an easily digestible format. Through practical exercises using simple tools, such as, the drawing compass and ruler learning can be, interactive, fun and comprehensible. A great practical educational toolkit for both adults and children.?Small enough to fit in your pockets, deep enough to blow your mind!
How it works

The Toolset

Get practical with a drawing compass and ruler ? the most important tools to study the Universe.


Create 2D and 3D Geometry ? a fun and creative experience of shape and form.


Draw conclusions out of the finished Art and understand its relevance to the natural world.
The Template
A Journey through 3D
Hitch a ride through the 3rd dimension with our first pocket book and discover the world of 3D Sacred Geometry. The Template is a wonderful practical exploration of the 5 Platonic Solids, the only regular polyhedra in existence. Using simple tools available in any good stationary, you will learn how to construct each shape at a specific size. This way, they fit together as a perfect set, that uncovers interesting aspects of geometry, mathematics, physics and space itself.
  • Explore divine ratios and proportions within each solid
  • Discover their link to some of the oldest symbols in the world
  • Understand their relationship to Chaos Theory and the Structure of the Atom
  • Apply the final structure to the nature of our reality on Earth and in the Galaxy
The astute reader will notice, not everything in this book follows the conventions set in the past. The relationship to the 5 Elements, and the ratios that order this nested set, follow a specific pattern. Viewed in this way, the 5 Platonic Solids take on a new and profound meaning that stretches into all areas of life. This is a practical exercise, for only by holding these objects, will their true identity be known to you. This book provides a key to a doorway of the mind, that unlocks the deepest secrets of reality.
William W. Williams
I developed the Template whilst immersed in nature, without any internet, and through the opening of my eyes, I was finally able to see. Before I used to look at the Universe as an infinite void, far beyond my ability to understand. Now, I see it as a relatively simple construct, that I can grasp within my hands.
A fresh Perspective
This unique pocket book offers a completely new look at how space comes into existence, and updates some of the ideas surrounding these forms that have been carried over form antiquity, to offer a fresh perspective that challenges the foundation of what we thought we knew.
Greek Philosopher Plato

Geometry will draw the Soul toward truth and create the spirit of Philosophy.

Physicist Werner Heisenberg
I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favour of Plato. In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which can be expressed unambiguously only in mathematical language.
The Blueprint
A Journey through the Atom
The Blueprint extents on the 5 Platonic Solids and explores 7 out of 13 Archimedean Solids. By constructing each shape at a specific size, they form a detailed model of the electron cloud found in the atom. Discover what it reveals about the periodic table of elements and life as we experience it. From ancient Greece to Modern Science, for the first time, we present a blueprint of space that accurately reflects the very foundations of matter.
The release date is planned for December 2019. Stay in touch and subscribe to our mailing list:
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  • Explore 7 Archimedean Solids and their relationship to each other
  • Discover the electron-orbitals of the atom
  • Comprehend Atomic Bonds and Nobel Gases
  • Learn the Periodic Table of Elements in a new way
  • Get a fresh perspective of gravity and the nature of the quantum world
Dr. Heike Bielek
The Blueprint opened my eyes to the defined geometrical structure of the quantum world. Despite my training in the Sciences, my mental picture of the electron cloud appeared very blurry. In Chemistry we are mainly concerned with the outer shell of the atom, to predict which elements form bonds with each other. This 3D model completely changes this perspective. By holding the shapes in my hands, the complicated chemistry properties became all of the sudden very simple to comprehend and easy to remember. Just like playing with lego, this is not only a creative and fun exercise, but also holds profound knowledge about to most fundamental principles of reality, accessible even for people who have never been in touch with science.
New Horizons
The Blueprint presents a fascinating correlation between geometry, music and the atom like science has never seen it before. As this map is found encoded within some of the most prominent ancient symbols, it suggest profound spiritual revelations that now are seen in a completely new framework.
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Physicist Albert Einstein

Gravity is a response to geometry.

Astrologist Johannes Kepler

Where there is matter, there is Geometry.