Our work is centred around understanding the nature of reality and experience by considering the evidence presented through scientific experimentation and spiritual teachings. Both are intrinsic to life, providing a balanced view, that harmonises logic with reason. We call this Metaphysics.

Scientific Observation

Scientific analysis reveals data from nature that can be seen as factual evidence. We have reinterpreted and simplified these discoveries, making complex subjects more accessible.


Spiritual Teachings

Through the examination of religious and spiritual teachings, we explore the reasons for our existence, the nature of mind, consciousness and the observer.

Unity Consciousness

We do not believe that there is an only way, as human consciousness has adapted words towards a view that is comfortable for the range of cultures we see on earth. Our aim is not to convince, but to enhance these different perspectives towards unity and tolerance.

Our Approach

We are advocates of the 7 Liberal Arts, in their original form, which we believe provide a fantastic toolkit for exploring and understanding the metaphysical view of life. Through the Art of Sacred Geometry and Music we aim to create learning experiences that are interactive, effective and fun. By unifying these with Accelerated Learning techniques, we have seen that many participants are able to understand complex concepts far more easily.

Ancient Greece

The study of Time and Space

The nature of time and space have been demonstrated to co-exist and be interdependent upon each other. Space provides us with form and matter similar to art, that is a visual practice. Time, just like music, is less tangible, and invisible to our sense of sight. Through the study of both of these art forms, we can make simple comparisons that lead us to a deeper understanding of time and space and how they relate to each other.perspectives towards unity and tolerance.

The Mathematics AND number

The language of numbers and complex mathematical formula can often be a daunting prospect for many. By transforming these notions into musical games and fun drawing exercises, we believe that we can provide an easy entrance into an otherwise difficult subject. We integrate the use of numbers into our learning methods and offer practical examples that can be produced on any calculator. Our unique approach demonstrates interesting numerical phenomena that accompanies various metaphors found in spiritual thought.

A fresh perspective

We have examined the experimental data generated by science and the wisdom of spiritual and religious teachers to offer a fresh perspective of life and reality. By reinterpreting some of the scientific discoveries, we can solve many of the questions that so far are unexplained. Through this, we have created a set of original geometric ideas and theories in the field of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and cosmology. This sheds new light on scientific findings, which fits perfectly over a spiritual backdrop of ancient wisdom.

four petaled geometry on third eye


We address dimensional concepts, the structure of the atom and the nature of gravity in a way, that, as far as we can tell, does not exist in the current mainstream. Under this view, we have also re-interpreted much of what is written in the most prominent spiritual scriptures, such as the Vedas, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran.

As a consequence, we believe that our findings contribute to a brighter future, bringing greater logical analysis to the religions, and more spiritual awareness to the sciences.


Space & Time
Light & Sound
Gravity & Blackholes


Fractals & Spirals,
Chaos Theory,
Fibonacci, Phi, Pi

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Our Workshops

Our 2 hour taster sessions introduce the Art of Sacred Geometry, music and number in a playful way. Each workshop focusses on a particular geometric technique that is accompanied by a specific metaphysical meaning. At the end of the session, we engage in a meditative aspect, where each participant colours the Mandala in their own unique way. We also offer simple workshops perfect for parents with their kids.

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ininfinity workshops

Our Courses

Our intensive day long courses provide an opportunity to engage at a deeper level with our metaphysical teachings. Using Accelerated Learning techniques, we explore profound knowledge through practical drawing, body movement, music and games.


You can engage in regular lessons, or book an online teacher on our new online school. Get hands-on 0ne-2-One and small group sessions, perfect for boosting your understanding and helping you get ahead of the class.

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Our Broadcasts

We offer a variety of talks and interviews on YouTube about some of the concepts that are present in the world of geometry. Learn about geometric snippets or listen to what other people have discovered.

Our Books

Our pocket guidebooks teach how to create 2D and 3D forms using just a compass and straight edge. We believe that by constructing these forms, we can understand how they relate to nature far more easily. Included at the back of each book is a wealth of metaphysical knowledge that provides a valuable starting point for further research.

InInfinity GeometricUniverse PlatonicSolids thetemplatebook
ininfinity teacher training

Become a Teacher

Become a part of In2Infinity and integrate Metaphysics into your life. In our intensive Teacher Training program, we will give you a solid foundation of our theories alongside fun and practical learning techniques, that will make any lesson a memorable experience.