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Since its inception, In2infinity has been inspiring a wide range of individuals of a variety of ages and backgrounds. Here is what some people have said about their experiences with us.
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Emily Flaherty

I am a In2Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Colin this season in Goa, India...

James Thomas

It was amazing to attend some of the In2infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in...

Eveline Van Kampen

I met Colin in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the...

Ishita Bhattacharya

Unlocking the mysteries of the universe has always been my dream and finally, I found out that the key is...

Bobby G Parmar

I spent the past 8 years in India purifying and activating my energy body with Kundalini Sadhana. Sacred Geometry was...

Belinda Aguayo

I could participate at the Sacred Geometry workshop in Goa and I found it mind-blowing… As a yoga teacher and...

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