I am a In2Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Colin and Heike this season in Goa, India (2020) and it was fantastic. I learnt so much information, and although I still feel I've a lot to learn, I was really excited by all the knowledge I received. The teachers were very enthusiastic. I enjoyed the environment of the training, the people, and the practical aspects, and I enjoyed the presentations we gave. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to deepen their knowledge of the nature of the universe. I felt it had a good balance of science and spirituality with time for creativity too. Thanks!!! Thank you for your generosity in sharing this wealth of information with us and introducing us to the magical world of sacred geometry. I can highly recommend this to everybody. Kids, grannies, architects, artists, spiritual people, rational people etc... sacred geometry is relevant for all of us because it is everywhere and universal. Bless you!

Emily Flaherty

James Thomas

It was amazing to attend some of the In2infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in...

Cristin Arthemisa

Amazing knowledge you can find here by amazing person… I  love it! Cristin Arthemisa ARTIST TTC 2020 Cristin Arthemisa View...

Bobby G Parmar

I spent the past 8 years in India purifying and activating my energy body with Kundalini Sadhana. Sacred Geometry was...

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