Eveline Van Kampen

I met Colin in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the TTC in India. I learnt so much and have still so much to learn! Furthermore, I really admire the teacher, his knowledge, and his patience to pass the knowledge, his support and his enthusiasm (which I share). I can highly recommend following an (online) course with In2infinty, get answers to your questions, and get inspired to share what you have learnt! Thank you for your generosity in sharing this wealth of information with us and introducing us to the magical world of sacred geometry. I can highly recommend this to everybody. Kids, grannies, architects, artists, spiritual people, rational people etc... sacred geometry is relevant for all of us because it is everywhere and universal. Bless you!

Eveline Van Kampen

Veera Metso

What a wonderful and amazing experience to join these workshops! The vibes in which Colin is sharing his knowledge are...

Hilary Faverman

My three boys attended the workshop with the age of 11, 9 and 3. They were super fascinated, begging to...

Dr. Benjamin Rotzbüll

The Offline Retreat is the perfect combination to find a way to recharge your batteries and be ready to learn...

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