Gravity still remains one of the most mysterious forces of nature. Presently the conversion dictates that it is a product of mass. Our new theory of Geo-Gravitation challenges this respective, and suggests that the gravitation field is a produce of the geometry of space itself.

The Laws of Gravitation, and Columb Law have exactly the same formulation, and yet conventional thinking has been unable to unify the macro and micro cosmos.This has lead to the greatest theoretical difficultly presents to modern physic; Quantum Gravity.

Our new theory of Geo-Gravitation, offers an intriguing explanation for the similarities of the Gravitational Law and Columb’s Law, and offers a unique solution to the quantum gravity problem.


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Universal Geometry is the expression of geometric principles we have discovered at the microscopic scale, reflecting into the macrocosm. Within this field of study, we examine the nature of gravitational fields, the orientation of planets in our solar system, to the formation of galaxies, and even to the creation of the universe itself.

The idea that the planets of our solar system are spaced out in accordance with geometry is nothing new. Joannas Kepler was able to determine the laws of planetary motion, based on geometric principles. The mainstream view is that he failed to achieve this due to the elliptic nature of planetary orbits. However, we can demonstrate that geometry can define the mean orbital relationships of all the planets in our solar system, from Mercury to Pluto.

Furthermore, we can correlate both the types of geometry, and the order in which they appear, as a direct reflection of the structure of the electron cloud as proposed in our theory of Atomic Geometry. This macro-micro relationship is evidence that we are living in a fractal universe.

This geometric structure remains consistent at various scales of the universe.

We have defined these scales into 5 distinct types, Atomic, Elemental, Planetary, Solar, and Galactic. This comprises a single universe, and can be conveniently mapped to the metaphysical principles of the ‘5 elements’, which we describe in our book, the Template.

This new theory can now positively solve the most challenging questions facing science today.

Quantum Gravity, is the unification of the law of quantum physics, with the theory of relativity and gravity at the macro cosmos. Our solution proposes that the answer to this is found in the holographic nature of the 4D Aether. This represents itself at various scales of existence, which is expressed as a simple set of geometric forms.

In this way, the Universe does not need to measure distance, it enacts space. It is a geometric construct that unifies time and space. We suggest the unification is achieved through the most fundamental of geometric constants; π. The relationship of the radius of a circle to its diameter lies at the heart of electromagnetism. This is particularly evident with the scientific constant υ0, that traditionally has been ascribed the dimensionless value of 4π.

It is interesting to note that a recent reclassification of scientific constants demoted the dimensionless quality of υ0, by trying to provide it with a distinct value.

The laws of electrical charge and gravity utilise the same mathematical formula. The laws of electron magnetism are expressed through constant (K), whilst the laws of gravitation utilise the gravitational constant (G). However, the mathematical equation for both consist of exactly the same format.

Electricity and Magnetism are part of the single phenomena of electromagnetism.

We suggest gravity is a balance of rotation and attraction charge to create a stable system. This occurs in conformity with geometric space surrounding a centre of some kind. This centre is described as the black hole that resides at the centre of a galaxy, or as the Neutron/Proton configuration of the atomic nucleus.

Furthermore, we postulate that there is a black hole at the centre of our sun, and even at the centre of our Earth. In this view, matter becomes the condensation of light around the event horizon of a black hole.

Universal Geometry also finds application in the realm of consciousness itself. Each conscious awareness exhibits an inner and outer world. We suggest that the boundary is itself an event horizon. The same space that surrounds the atom also surrounds each point of awareness on planet earth. This field, sometimes refereed to as the aura, is geometric in nature.

By understanding this geometry, you will understand both the universe, and, most importantly, yourself. For whilst we often place our faith in new technologies to solve the challenges we are facing, the truth maybe far more simple.

We need to understand ourselves.

As all creation emanates from our inner world of mind, the study of how information can translate through the event horizon is of significant importance. It touches on the very fabric of who we are, and why we are here.

For this reason, we have divided what may be a complete theory of life, the universe and consciousness into defined concepts. In this way the mind opens petal by petal, towards its own discovery, and its own truth.

Once the flower has blossomed, each petal finds resonance with the other. Thus, a balanced view of reality can be found upon solid ground, a place where logic meets heart, intellect meets integrity….and humanity reaches itself.

Universal Geometry brings new light to the nature of our solar system, the galaxy and beyond, and directly addresses one of the largest questions facing science today: What is gravity, and how does it work? Find out in our new theory of Universal Geometry.