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4D Aether

4D Aether Theory
4D Aether Theory is an adaptation of classical Ether Theory that suggest the medium that transmits a light wave through a vacuum is a 4th dimensional artefact. It describes the 4th dimension in terms of hypercubic space, that can satisfy the criteria of an incompressible fluid.
What is the aether?
The Aether is a medium that transports light waves through the vacuum of space. In order to achieve this it must express the nature of an incompressible fluid. A 4th dimensional substance satisfies this criteria an explains why no evidence has been produced to prove its existence.
The concept of the Aether concept that arose with the discovery of electromagnetic waves in the 1800’s. Great scientific minds and inventors such as Maxwell, Tesla, and Lorentz, were among the many who believed that a light wave must propagate through a medium. However, after the Michelson Morley Experiment failed to produce a positive result, science was becoming more and more perplexed as to what the aether might be, and how we might detect it. At the turn of the 20th century, Albert Einstein produce a series of papers that would introduce a new idea of relativity to the world. As
What is the 4th Dimension?
When we consider 3D form we can observe and measure its characteristics. A 4D shape incorporates TIME into its very substance. To visualise this we can imagine a set of interchanging cubes. These flow through north, south direction, which explain why magnets always exhibit a north and south pole.


With this prerequisite solved, the quantisation of space can be justified as the transformation of a 4D hypercube. As one cube morphs into the next over time, to it pertains to produce a fluid like motion. Yet, as the same time, the Cube is the only regular solid that can fill empty space seamlessly.