In the realm of physics, one of the most groundbreaking theories that revolutionized our understanding of the universe is Albert Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. At its core, this theory unifies time and space for different observers, paving the way for a deeper comprehension of the fundamental principles that govern our reality. 

In this article, we will explore how the Earth’s circular nature and the mathematical constant Pi (π) play a significant role in the unification of the spacetime continuum.


Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity unifies time and space for different observers, with the mass equivalence equation only true for stationary frames of reference. Time dilation, length contraction, and the finite speed of light play a role. Time dilation is observed in experiments, and the larger the distance from Earth, the more pronounced the effect is. Relativity is based on a 3D reality but when extended to the 4th dimension, a different view starts to emerge

Leon Foucault’s experiment proved the Earth’s spherical shape, as an observe moves towards the North or South Pole from the equator, so the dimeter of the circle that traverse in a single day diminishes in size. Thus, Unified Time is coded to the surface of the Earth. The conclusion is that the spacetime continuum is unified through π.

The Equations that Define Motion

Einstein’s mass equivalence equation, E=mc², is widely known and represents the energy (E) of an object as the product of its mass (m) and the speed of light constant squared (c²). However, this equation is only applicable to “inert” or stationary frames of reference. To account for two moving bodies, momentum (p) needs to be included, resulting in the equation E²=(mc²)²+(pc)². Here, the theorem of right-angled triangles, where a²+b²=c², becomes the canvas to depict these concepts effectively.

Time Dilation and Length Contraction

One of the fascinating consequences of Einstein’s theory is the existence of time dilation and length contraction. As light exhibits a finite speed, the transmission of information becomes constrained by this speed limit. Consequently, observations and measurements made by different observers occur at different times, challenging our conventional understanding of time as a universal constant. These phenomena are fundamental aspects of relativity, based on a three-dimensional reality.

Experimental validation of Einstein’s theory began to emerge in the 1940s through the measurement of subatomic particle lifespans. Notably, the Hafele-Keating experiment in 1971 flew synchronized atomic clocks around the globe, subsequently revealing a synchronization discrepancy when compared to stationary clocks. This experiment underscores the need to account for Time Dilation when launching satellites into space, as the effects become more prominent farther away from the Earth.

The Fourth Dimension and the Torus

When considering the fourth dimension, relativistic mechanisms manifest simultaneously and are unified across the curved surface of the Earth. The Earth’s multidimensional structure is encompassed by the 4D Torus field, which renders spatial awareness, and unified time for each observer. As the earth rotates, each person experiences the time of a single day, regardless of where they are on the planet.

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Buffon's Needle Problem and the Relationship between Lines and π

The transformation for a line employed by traditional relativity theory, and the circle of each, can be unified by a chaotic mathematical process called “Buffon’s Needle Problem“. By randomly tossing needles of length 1 onto a grid of parallel lines spaced 2 units apart, we can calculate the probability of a needle falling on a line, resulting in π.

This demonstrates how the relativistic notion of line lengths can be transformed into the circle, when extrapolated into larger numbers of simultaneous observers.

Relativity and the Multiplicity of Observers

From the perspective of Relativity, billions of observers exist on the Earth’s surface, each residing at the centre of their own inertial frame. These observers emit spherical waves of light in a moment of time within the 4D framework of reality. The intersection of these expanding spheres results in a Vesica Piscis, from which the midpoint between observers can be ascertained. This concept aligns with “Buffon’s Needle Problem” as it is enacted with needles half the length of the grid spacing. The correlation between the line and the circle (π) shapes the causality ordered by the spherical light waves.

With a relative distance of ONE between observers, the Vesica Piscis produces an overlap as its centre. The midpoint between observers is defined by drawing a line in the vertical between the 2 nodes. The distance between the nodes is √3. Thus, the ratio 1:√3 is maintained relative to the distance between observers.

This is the 4D geo-relativistic view, which sees time being rendered in sequential frames around each observer as a uniform rate, identified as the speed of light (c). Whilst science has discredited the notion of the human aura, proposed by a wide range of spiritual traditions, the foundation of this belief lies in the fact that the field has never been measure or quantified. This does not mean that it does not exist. A 4D object is beyond our 3D world and so cannot be measured using apparatus. Yes all life emits radiation, light, which is spherical in nature.

The Earth's Circular Nature

Although the idea that the Earth is spherical dates back to ancient civilizations, scientific proof emerged in 1851 with Leon Foucault’s experiment using a large pendulum. Furthermore, the definition of the meter, derived from the circle, establishes the Earth’s circumference at roughly 40,000 km. Time, on the other hand, finds its basis in a single rotation of the Earth around its axis, equivalent to a day.

When an observer sits at the equator of the earth, they traverse the circle of a single day at a specific velocity. Yet, if they move towards the North or South Pole, the circle will diminish in size. Therefore, the speed at which they are travelling is reduced.

As time and space are a unified phenomenon, the conclusion is that it is unified across the surface of the earth. As the circle diminishes at the rate of π, due to the Earth curvature, the difference in a day cycle is maintained by this geometric ratio. Time is unified across the surface of the earth. 2 people talking to each other on the phone do not experience any kind of time dilation. The conversation transpires in accordance with unified time.

This geo-relativistic view, can accommodate an unlimited number of observers, based on the surface of the Earth.  This is in contradiction to Einstein’s theory of relativity, which only considers a very small number of observers. The result is that π unifies space and time.

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Dr. Heike Bielek explains the the unification of time around the earth in this short video.

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