Geometry is a branch of maths, as so it inherently expresses number within its pattern. These patterns can be derived with any kind of measurement, which means that the ratios they contain are always relative to each other. Through the study of this practice, we have been able to align this geometric information with a host of scientific, and even spiritual concepts. In this way, be believe we can make learning more fun and interactive.


Geometric thinking is a particular way to use, and organise our minds using geometry. This is an effective method to expand consciousness and cognisance as this is how the brain works.

We are all visual beings.

Our mind is the canvas upon which we paint the impressions which become the innovations of humanity. We recognise that a student is more likely to comprehend and remember a complex concept if it is linked to some kind of image. We find much evidence of this with memory champions who employ visual techniques to perform astounding feats of recall.

Forms of Geometric Thinking:
  • Science produces models that explain complex ideas.
  • Business used info graphics and mind mapping.
  • Religion uses symbolism.

Through compass construction, we have designed a series of tools that will accelerate a person’s mental abilities. From self-development and planing to the ability to understand complex subjects. Geometric thinking empowers us to envision outside of the box, and helps to build the capacity of individuals, community groups, business organisation and educational institutions. Find our more by visiting the links below.

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