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What is 4D Yoga?

4D Yoga is a metaphysical approach to Yoga that extends beyond the physical body into 4th dimensional awareness to develop intuition and knowledge. This is achieved through a series of yogic practises, meditations, and technologies approached through the tenants of Sacred Geometry. This helps you to align your body, mind, and spirit and strengthen your inner power.

Conquer the mind

By understanding the nature of reality from yogic philosophies to modern science, your mind will be trained to think more harmoniously and holistically.

Heal the body

Develop your communication with your subconscious and deepen your connection with your body. Find out what’s wrong and understand how to fix it.

Elevate your spirit

Meditating on the geometric nature of reality, you will be able to enhance your energy field and expand your awareness to the greater path of life.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is an umbrella term that describes the geometric nature of space. It is through space, the non-manifested and manifested reality are connected, purusha, consciousness, and prakriti, matter. In this way, we link the ancient yogic philosophies to the phenomena of modern science to build a metaphysical framework of understanding that becomes tangible through shape and form. The more we align to geometric principles, the more we feel divine bliss – the ultimate goal of the yogic path.

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The Roots of Yoga

For many in the West, the term ‘Yoga’, conjures up an image in the mind of a physical practice, where the objective is to create a fit and healthy body. But yoga is much more than that. Yoga goes back to the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, written around 400 C.E. in India and is rooted in the ancient Vedic texts (knowledge), Hinduism, Buddhism, and Samkhya philosophy. Yoga means union of body, mind, and spirit. This is achieved through the 8 limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga):

1. Yama

Restraints on behaviour

2. Niyama

Inner observances

3. Asana

Body postures

4. Pranayama

Controlling your breath

5. Pratyahara

Withdrawal of senses

6. Dharana

Focus the mind

7. Dhyana


8. Samadhi

Complete absorption

This lays out the yogic pathway, which leads the practitioner to morality, a balanced body, and energy field to be able to turn their attention inwards to become one with the divine.

Getting the most out of any practice requires that we explore all of these avenues. 

When we do asanas, the yoga stretch poses we are all familiar with, these are nothing else but geometric arrangements by which the body can move its energy in certain ways. The same goes for the energy directed through breath, as well as the act of focusing our mind. All happens in space, and space is described by geometry.

Geometry itself is the expression of numbers in space, mathematics, the language of science. In fact, Samkhya means ‘number’, which explains the process of evolution and the interaction of consciousness with form. This links the roots of Yoga to the idea that reality is built on mathematics.

Mandalas and symbolism

Interestingly, we find geometry in the mandalas, symbols, and temples all over the Indian culture. Today, it is a signature trend of the modern yogi as we find these geometric designs in conscious communities, clothes, designs, tattoos, and artwork. 

But what do these symbols mean?

Mandala means circle and is a concentric design, which is associated with aspects of the Universe, each having a spiritual significance. We find them in Tibetan Buddhism as a means of meditation, dharana, which reflect the harmony of the cosmos to induce a state of trance in its creation. 

Each chakra (energy centre) of the body is represented as a particular mandala, in Hinduism they represent gods and goddesses and serve as instruments on altars and rituals. Yantra is a particular form of a mandala, translated to spiritual vehicle used for devotional purposes and meditation.

This gives us the idea that the divine is directly related to geometry. Geometry is very pure, as each shape clearly represents itself. By studying shape and form, we start to understand the fundamental nature of space itself, which underlies all experience.

Mandalas are two-dimensional templates, whereas reality itself is multidimensional. In the West, the 3D nature of geometry had been studied extensively by the philosophers of Ancient Greece, which comprises the pool of Platonic knowledge. In 4D Yoga, we are merging the two schools of thought and expand it upon the 4th dimension, which leads us from philosophy to modern science.


Sound & vibration

Part of Yoga practise is the integration of sound. We find the chanting of Aum and many other mantras as a means of dharana, to focus the mind. Yet, sound itself is intimately related to geometry, which has been studied in cymatics.

When we invoke certain sounds, we generate specific vibrations and energy signatures, which create beautiful mandalas. By studying the science of cymatics you will learn how music and shape are, in fact, the same phenomena observed from different perspectives.

When energy and vibration fill the container with geometry, it resonates at frequencies that generate an effect, some of which can be acquired through meditation. Therefore, sound healing positively impacts the body, the mind, and spirit, which is visualised through geometry.

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What is 4D?

Dimensions can mean many things depending on the perspective.
In a spiritual sense, it often refers to dimensions of consciousness. In mathematics, it is about a dimension of space. When we mean 4D Yoga, we’re actually combining aspects of both, the mathematical and spiritual view.

We are all aware of our 3D space, which we experience with our body. The 4th dimension is an extension of the 3rd and incorporates the notion of time. Indeed, Einstein framed the concept of spacetime, as we experience reality through space and time.

Time itself has different qualities, yet we truly experience only ever the present moment as we move through time. Thus, 4D Yoga is all about understanding the concept of the now that we always possess. Because when we are in the now, there is no mind. We are connected to the divine when we are in the now.

Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.

To understand the now, i.e. time, we need to understand shape, as shape and time are intimately connected to generate the reality experience. This phenomenon is described by a geometric form known as the Torus, which is a 4D shape.

double torus rotation

The 4D Torus

A 3D object can be said to exist in our 3D reality, such as the Cube, which is how we build houses for example. Not so for a 4D object, which does not appear directly to us. 

This nature of the unseen is an expression of what people call energy. Energy is hidden, beyond our 3D 5 sense perception, and yet it pervades the whole universe, and that includes you! 

Through scientific observation, we have become aware of energy being partly defined as electromagnetic fields. These fields all exhibit a north and a south pole in a toroidal form that wraps around itself as it flows from the centre to the outside, and back to the centre again. This creates a vortex of energy that we see in hurricanes and water, which is achieved through the transformation between two forms, the dot and the circle.

It is the very essence of the entire reality we are experiencing, whether you talk about the field around the Earth, the field around every cell, the atom, or even around yourself. Regardless of where you look, these 4D fields are apparent.

In 4D Yoga, we’re trying to access this energy field to become one with the universal life force, through which we can switch from our individual experience to the experience on the largest scale.

Everything is surrounded by the loving embrace of energy.

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The chakra system

The 4D Torus field of our body is known as the aura or, in the Hermetic teachings, the Sphere of Sensation. In the Vedic system, we find the concept of chakras, which correlate with the internal flow of this energy field.

Chakra means wheel, and refers to points, where the energy is stored and transmitted along the spine. Each chakra relates to diverse organs and our psychological, emotional and spiritual state of being. These are said to be spinning forms of energy, which when blocked can induce all sorts of illnesses.

There are many yogic practises, such as Kundalini Yoga and Chakra activation, which work with these energy vortices to induce the so-called Kundalini energy, which rises from the base of the spine upwards through all chakras. By activating the Kundalini, practitioners feel an immense sensation of energy to absolute bliss as it reaches the crown, the union with the divine.

However, the chakras are only one part of the story. These express the internal energy flow of the Torus as it spirals upwards. Yet, the Torus also expands around you and collapses back into yourself. In 4D Yoga, we work with both sides of the Torus to connect the internal chakra system with the external field to increase the energy circulation and learn about its significance for your life experience.

horn torus

2D, 3D and 4D Meditation

When we draw a mandala, we create a two-dimensional template, which can represent a three-dimensional and fourth dimensional shape. Once you have embedded it in your consciousness, how these shapes appear, you can more easily visualise them within the mind.

We call these thought forms. As we build these thought forms over time, they become stronger and stronger in power in the energy field that surrounds us. From 2D forms such as triangles and circles, we can build up higher dimensional geometries such as a sphere that surrounds the body to the 4D Torus, which fluctuates between the inside and outside.

In 4D Yoga, you will learn how these different geometric forms are interlinked and how you can use them for various purposes, such as healing, projection, bi-location, DNA activation and manifestation.

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4D Consciousness

We focus on 4D, because presently that appears to be where most people need help right now. It is about moving your consciousness from the 3rd dimension into the 4th, so that you can become aware of your internal power. Our technologies lay out the foundations of a strong house that will carry you into enlightenment.

In2infinity - 4d yoga - consciousness

When we adhere our mental processes to 4D, we are attuning consciousness towards a more deep connection to the very fundamental fabric of reality. This helps to conceptualise terminology such as Karma, Dharma and Moksha, central to yogic philosophy, in geometric terms.

And when we do that, we can begin to experience a shift in our very being. By unifying what is within to the processes that are without, we are able to create deeper connections to mind, body, and spiritual concepts. This allows for a very particular interaction with the subconscious mind to have a direct experience of another aspect of yourself in an almost magical context, as well as humanity at large.

19-25th Feb 2024 in Bacalar, Mexico

A universal language

Geometry is used by us to define and even create reality. If we can use geometric laws to build a strong bridge that can safely span long distances, then we can also say the same about the construction of our own spiritual practice.

Crossing over the river of mundane everyday thought is the first step to transforming yourself. This takes courage, as we are often not used to thinking outside the box. Many of us hold false, negative assumptions that make the task of learning a new art difficult. Yet, the blueprint is actually inherent within you.

In fact, each life begins its journey as a tiny spherical cell, that divides an innumerable number of times before full-filling its blueprint; you.

Geometry is so natural to us all that it would be fairer to say, “we just forgot how to think it.” Geometric thinking is a powerful mental and meditational tool that is used to clear energetic blocks, expand our awareness to the multidimensional aspects of our personality, and open doors of mental perception through a journey of inner discovery. For example, if we close our eyes and imagine a tree, then there are a variety of different types of tree that can appear in the mind’s eye.

Yet, a circle will be the same for all people.

Similarly, we only have a finite number of colours in our visible spectrum. If we ask everyone to imagine a yellow circle, then it will be the same image for everyone, exactly. That is because a circle does not need a name to tell you what it is. In fact, it is the other way around.

The circle (arc) and the line are used to form letters that make words that define the objects in reality. This brings us to how we process information itself.

Get your mind in shape

Just as your energy field is geometric in nature, so are your thoughts. Each thought is a type of energy that affects your emotions and body in different ways. In 4D Yoga, we utilise geometry to organise your mind, so you are able to reflect upon yourself by understanding the connections of your thought processes. In this way, you are able to see the layers of who you are and where you are able to improve.

This already happens in business environments through mind mapping sessions, whereby solutions are more efficiently produced, teams are organised, and goals are clarified to help in decision-making and work flows.

By mastering your mind, you are able to make a shift, as it will help you to open your awareness to opportunities that arise moment by moment. By integrating the concept of 4D consciousness, you are able to strengthen your centre to let turbulences of life just pass by.

Where the mind becomes more organised, and can think more clearly and act more positively.

The power of manifestation

Get out there and do it! When we put our minds to it, almost anything is possible.

But we can also improve our chances of success by having a clear vision and direction, as well as a road map of how we are going to get there.

As a matter of fact… spirit does matter.

From the perspective of spiritual thought, all manifestation arises out of thought energy – from the invisible to the visible. That is the process we call change. When we guide this process consciously, we can direct the outcome of our lives more positively. It all begins with the mind, and if we get the mind right, then the rest should flow.

Thus, Sacred Geometry provides us with the means by which spiritual technologies can become more accurately attuned to the nature of reality itself. When we start to think about these sacred forms, a deep transformation occurs, as we are able to structure our thoughts. Once we are able to conjure up a clear picture of something, it is the first step to manifestation.

In2infinity - 4d yoga - consciousness

pioneering new concepts

Heike Bielek and colin power

As the world’s number one leader in the development of sacred geometry workshops, we have come up with this new form of yoga, based on our extensive experience in India.

In the last 10 years, we have gone through many yoga schools, gathered knowledge from Buddhism, the Vedas, spoken to different Babas and Gurus, experienced Satsangs, chanting, Vipassana meditation and playing music. This has given us great insights into what’s happening in the world of yoga.

I was into magick and consciousness at a very early age, before I even knew what yoga was. It was only later on that I came to understand the true depth of Yoga beyond the physical practise.

We have studied many of the Hindu symbols, mandalas, mantras and spiritual technologies and related them to Western scientific theories and discoveries. Doing so, has given us a unique perspective on philosophical concepts that we approach with a logical mind.

The major advantage of the system that we teach is that there isn’t so much ambiguity. It’s a very clear system. And as you start to go, you see how it builds, step by step in a very logical way, and it connects you to what’s going on with the surrounding reality, and also inside of you. And this is very important.

Many people are talking about awakening, and spiritual enlightenment. This is very essential in this time because we have amazing opportunities in the modern world that we’ve never had before. And if we could start to utilise our cognisance in a productive and effective way with passion, energy, and enthusiasm for life, we can begin to make transformations, not just for ourselves, but also for those around us.

In2infinity - 4d yoga - merkaba Dr. Heike Bielek

How did we come up with this?

Well, it began when we started to work with a drawing compass and ruler, creating geometric designs that many people refer to as sacred geometry. These patterns hold specific relationships and ratios that are reflected in nature, but not only that, even in our own consciousness, and the very fabric of the universe.

In our sacred geometry workshops and courses, we have observed massive transformations in participants, within their emotional being and their perception of reality. People started to break down in tears as they moved energies from within. Others have been simply speechless, mind-blown or absolutely enthusiastic and happy.

And this is what thrives us to continue to develop our concepts as we experience how knowledge empowers the individual and inspires them to see their life in a whole new way.

read our story

Colin Power and Dr. Heike Bielek explore novel geometric concepts inspired by ancient symbolism. Their story is amazing as the project itself. Read about it here!

platonic solids

The Blueprint

Our language of geometry, which we call the blueprint, has been developed from the atomic structure itself. On its most simple level, it is based on the five Platonic solids, which allows us to generate basic 3D forms. When we study how these shapes work, how they fit together, we can understand how they form reality. By exploring these geometric shapes, we’re able to visualise them more effectively, which allows us to employ them in meditation.

We have developed 4D Yoga as a methodology to accelerate on the Yogic path, as it gives us visual and tangible perceptions of practises that normally take years to wrap your head around. Our geometric blueprint simplifies many concepts and empowers you to apply them in your daily practise.

Who can step into 4D Yoga?

4D Yoga is for the advanced Yogi, who wants to go beyond the postures, and tap into the universal pool of knowledge and integrate it into their own life to become a better human being.

4D Yoga is about getting a clearer idea of the purpose of life and who you want to be. Reality is you, it’s not what you believe. Reality is beyond the mind, and it’s not the content of the mind. So, to gain knowledge is to experience it.

By understanding the geometric nature of reality and tapping into the fourth dimension, you are able to embody these concepts within yourself, draw them through Mandalas, and visualise them around you. Activate these energy fields by meditations, breath work, and understand the philosophies and the mythologies that are written within the ancient texts and apply them in your life.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance your spiritual connection beyond 3D
  • Connect with your divine nature with Sacred Geometry
  • Open your awareness to your mind-body connection

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