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Atomic Electron Cloud in D

The 4D Electron Cloud

The electron cloud is normally thought about in terms of the probability of the particle. However, our notion of a 4D Aether dispenses with this notion, returning a sense of normally to atomic physics.

Holding an atom in the hands

The Atom and the Seed of life

The foundations of reality are defined by the atom, from which all mater is produced. These vary in radius, which can be mapped to a geometric symbol called the Seed of Life.

the secret of the laser

The secret of lasers

Why is it that lasers are so powerful, they can cut through sheet metal. In this article, we examine their nature from the 4D wave perspective, which provides new insight into how we might be able to extract energy from the vacuum of space.

wave model of the electron

A 4D geometric wave model of matter without wave particle duality

The wave model of matter was established in the 1920s, yet has always been accompanied by the belief it can also act as a particle. In our new 4D view clearly defines the notion of mass and charge that is presently missing from the mainstream scientific perspective, offering an intriguing insight into the underlying foundations of reality,

wave particle duality

Is there an alternative to wave particle duality?

Central to quantum physics is the notion of wave particle duality. However, the concept of a photon particle of light is not needed if the Aether that can transmit the wave through the vacuum can be established. By adopting a 4D view, we are able to achieve this, which is set to revolutionise our view of the universe, from the atom, to electrical generation.

the photoelectric effect how does it work

Can the photoelectric effect be explained without the need for a photon?

The concept of the photon is based on our present solution to the photoelectric effect. However, this solution cannot be true, as the speed at which electrons are released into the circuit is much faster than the interactions between a photon and an electron. Our new 4D solution shows that it is the geometry of light and space that are actually responsible for this effect, ushering in a new theory of energy generation, extracted from the vacuum of space.

What is quantum foam

What is Quantum Foam? A 4D perspective

The idea of Quantum Foam suggests that at the smallest scales of reality, tiny energy fluctuation are present. These virtual particles are key to understanding the universe, yet seem to violate the laws of nature.

cosmic microwave background

What is the Cosmic Microwave Background?

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation discovered in 1964 is ascribed to the remnants of the Big Bang. Yet, correlations to the atom suggest it is it more likely the energy in the vacuum, the Aether field, which undermines the notion of a photon of light.