The Art of Learning
Explore the patterns of the Micro- and Macro Cosmos through form, shape, and music.
Our Approach
The language of geometry is universal as it is reflected in all levels of nature, from atoms, cells, plants, planets, sound, to the routines and thought patterns of everyday life. Many of these geometric and mathematical relationships are encoded in ancient Mandalas and architecture that kept their form and information for thousands of years. Seen with scientific evidence of today, we discovered that much of these ancient symbols can shed new light on the nature of reality and even spiritual scripture. Based on this premise, we have developed a transformative program that uses creative learning methods to accelerate your understanding of universal laws in a unique way. This, in turn, will give you a fresh perspective of life itself and practical tools to achieve your own vision and purpose.

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The 5 Platonic Solids are the only regular forms in existence. This practical guidebook teaches you how to construct and nest them perfectly inside of each other. Use the completed model to explore universal phenomena from the atom to the galaxies. A fantastic introduction into the art of 3D Geometry!