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Explore the patterns of the Micro- and Macro Cosmos through form, shape, and music.

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Jonas Noa In 2 Infinity Testimonial
Jonas Noa
Psychology Student

The metaphysical talk was the most eye-opening presentation I have ever attended. I was fascinated by the huge amount of information and the combination of metaphysics and science. Two highly conscious people sharing wisdom and knowledge that blows your mind! Absolutely amazing and rare to find people of that level.

Jess Briskin
Q'ab'aj chin-ixim Jewelry

Fun, interactive learning that conveys complex information through practical drawing. As someone who uses Sacred Geometry in the jewelry I make, this course has filled me with inspiration. Colin and Heike deliver spiritual and scientific knowledge in a fun and interesting way.

Assaf Harush
Psychedelic Trance Producer

The Star of Laxmi course contained tons of useful information. I believe that understanding this knowledge is the key to ancient technology. The teachers are super great and very gentle. The atmosphere was creative and I went home with a lot of inspiration and light energy. Thank you very much!

In 2 Infinity Testimonial Ishita Bhattacharya
Ishita Bhattacharya
Design Student

Unlocking the mysteries of the universe has always been my dream and finally, I found out that the key is Sacred Geometry! In the workshops offered at Arch College, we learned how different numbers resonate with the universe, about various platonic solids and something I will never forget: the Seed of Life. It has helped me to look beyond the physical realm and with my designs. Thank you for this eye-opening experience.

In 2 Infinity Testimonial James Grummit

A great introductory workshop which flew by quickly. I found the exploration of numbers and symbols really interesting and it was great to wind down by creating a mandala and colouring it. Heike is a great teacher and I can only imagine the depths of information in that mind!

In 2 Infinity Leyla Ramadan Testimonial
Leyla Ramadan
House of Leyla

Very informative, interesting, friendly, and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend and would love to delve in deeper!

Emma Toynbee
Metaphysician & Tarot Reader

Thanks for the course in the Power of Manifestation! It was so inspiring and already seems to be having an effect as I sent the link to my book on to someone this morning and noticed that, though not published for another five weeks, it already has a good ranking of #160,000 best selling book in the world!!! This may sound far from the #1 spot I visualized but when ranked against every book in the world this is still considered a good ranking by agents for books of this category. So, the manifestation has begun!

Patrick Puttenat In 2 Infinity
Patrick Puttenat

Very interesting topic and you guys are giving various examples to make it understandable. Authentic and sympathetic way of transmitting knowledge.

Ciara Shimara In 2 Infinity
Ciara Shimara

Great presentation. Loved your visuals, exercises, the Mandala and seeing how it unfolded with all the information contained in it and how it relates to everything. Very informative, clear & links a lot together. Thank you!

Sveta Bespalova In 2 Infinity
Sveta Bespalova
Kopi Desa

Very interesting integration of science and spirituality. It helped me uniting the two :-).

Jinny Truman In 2 Infinity
Jinny Truman
Design & Marketing

Mind-Blowingly, Fascinating. Never learned so much in 2 hours!

Jessica Larche In 2 Infinity
Jessica Larché

Such complex ideas explained in a way that anyone could understand. Fun & Fascinating!

Kathrin Jerjomenko
Kathrin Jerjomenko
Radha Foundation

Intoxicating!! You catch attention, a good way of teaching. Love it, more of that!

Atina Joy Altzinger In 2 Infinity

Beautiful access to the basic structure of the universe/reality through simple mathematics and touchable geometry. Thank you ♥ 🙏

Flora Sidebottom In 2 Infinity

Fantastically insightful explanation of the intersection between spirituality and science – delivered in a warm and concise way.

Babtiste Vandel In 2 Infinity

A really nice introduction to see how everything is interconnected in space and geometry. You guys grabbed my attention and curiosity!

Albi Knight In 2 Infinity
Albi Knight

Thank you for a very interesting 2 hours. A lot more information than I expected in a very accessible way. Good luck & I hope you get it worldwide soon.

Jack van Leeuwen In 2 Infinity

Very interesting and griping. You both hold the space well. Very good explanation of each area. Ready to learn more!

Bobby G Parmer

I spent much of the past 8 years in India purifying and activating my energy body with Kundalini Sadhana. Sacred Geometry was involved throughout the journey but it was never explained as 90% of the process was dedicated to practice. In 2 Infinity teachings are the perfect complement to my craft and will allow me to share transformational journeys in a more complete way. Each of us has been empowered to share this knowledge and the world needs it. Get up, stand up! Thanks to our founders for their passion and determination.

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