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The Geometric Universe hypothesis

Based on the tenants of Euclidean Geometry, In2infinity has created an innovative approach to the 4th dimension, that solves some of the most illusive problems in modern mathematics and science, which also brings a deeper understanding to many of the concepts found in religious and spiritual beliefs.

The Metaphysical Approach

The scientific method relies on our capacity to observe experimental phenomena. Yet, mathematics and geometry describes both the manifest and non-manifest reality, through enumeration and logical construct.

By merging both experimental results with mathematical and geometric principles, we are able to produce new conceptual solutions to the most challenging conundrums posed by our current comprehension of realty.


From the macrocosm of the galaxy to the microcosm of quantum fluctuations. Through the lens of Geometry we find the same reoccurring structures.

Explore the Universe through 5 Realms

Just as the are only 5 regular Platonic Solids, so the universe itself is divided into 5 distinct scales.


From the fluctuation of background radiation to the structure of the periodic table, we find fresh explanations for specific phenomena discovered at the smallest scales of reality



From DNA to Cellular functions and the breaking of the triple nitrogen bond, we offer new insights into some of the most intrinsic mysteries of biological life.


5 biogeochemical cycles rest at the heart of life on earth. By modelling these using the 5 platonic solids, we form an intelligent learning map, that helps us grasp these fundamental processes.


By revisiting the notion of a geometric solar system, first postulated by Johannes Kepler, we find modern data seems to fit a similar curious pattern.


Quantum gravity, considered by many to be the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe, finds a geometric explanation.

Discover MORE

Explore our fascinating new insights into the most intriguing phenomena.

KEY concepts

Based on the tenants of our 4th Dimensional Mathematics, and Geometric thinking, we can examine the results of scientific experiments, and trends in spiritual thinking, and draw fresh conclusions as the the true nature of reality.


The Continuum Hypothesis

The Continuum Hypothesis is the worlds number one mathematical problem of the 20th Century. The problem goes back to the discovery of fractal geometry, when George Cantor posed the question, “How many numbers are there on the number line”. This led to a mathematical paradox, for which the only solution produce suggested that it was not answerable under the current mathematical axioms.

We provide a simple solution to this paradox of infinity by folding number space, which introduces our concept of Aleph 0.5 and the ‘Infinite Density Function’.

The Riemann Hypothesis

The Riemann Hypothesis is the worlds number one mathematical problem of the present day.

By solving the continuum Hypothesis we lay the foundation for this innovative solution that confirms all non-trivial zeros will appear on the midpoint of the critical stripe. The solution is present through by observing the ratio created with anaclitic continuation is performed upon the zeta plane. Through understanding the geometric principles of the golden and silver ratios we find that the critical strip forms from the distortion of the number plane.

Pi and the
number e

Traditionally the categorisation of number suggests that numerical constants such as pi and the number e are ‘transcendent’ in their nature. This means that that have no algebraic root. However, this we challenge this notion as we have demonstrate that pi and the number e can form whole number values when expressed through a simple set of equations.

Geometric Maths

Founded on the concept of multidimensional geometry, we have developed a novel new approach to expressing binary code in a geometric form. This allows us to radically rethink the foundational nature of computing systems. Through the application of our geometric theory, we find we are able to design systems that can potentially vastly improve the use of binary code in terms of efficiency, storage, and security. By employing simple logic, we can transform bit strings into higher dimensional objects that can be manipulated, encoded, and encrypted.

4th Dimensional Mathematics

Based on the notion of three number types, space, time, and dimension, 4D maths produces iterative calculations that devolve numbers towards a specific value. Each integer creates its own unique number wave, which exhibits a unique value at each stage of iteration, (effort value). By constructing a simple 4D calculator using an excel style spreadsheet, we can explores this interesting mathematical space, and find that laws such as prime numbers and even algebra itself breaks down, producing erratic results. Yet, surprisingly, we are still able to perform mathematical calculations that have logical integrity.


Dimensionless Science

By transforming Scientific Constants into pure ratio, Dimensionless Science offers a new Geometric System that simplifies complex equations and still provides results that are coherent with traditional scientific notation.

Atomic Geometry

By examining the orientation of the various orbital shells, (S, P D, and F), and their order of appearance, we notice that various geometric forms are generated, in 2D, 3D and 4D.

This innovative approach to atomic theory is the only model of the atom that can be physically constructed from card, opening the door for the younger generation to access this fascinating world of quantum physics.

Geo-Quantum Mechanics (GQM)

From the observations made in the field of Atomic Geomemtry, we have extended the model to map the structure of the election cloud over the entire periodic table of elements. The result is the worlds most accurate atomic model that can predict the atomic radii of all stable elements on the periodic table.

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Since 2015 we have been developing novel geometric concepts to reinterpret existing views of different academic disciplines through the lens of new geometric and mathematical principles. Find out more about our fascinating journey.

The DaVinci School

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The DaVinci School

Learn geometry playfully and practically in our online DaVinci school – so simple, even children are able to get quantum physics in no time! We offer pre-recorded courses, private tutoring and teacher trainings.
Introduction Course
Known as Sacred Geometry in spiritual communities, we dive into the history of geometry and its connection to art, science, music, philosophy and more!
Atomic Geometry Course
Discover the world’s first geometric blueprint of the atom that will change your view of matter forever and demystify the Quantum world.
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Learn any topic from our curriculum in a one-to-one session or in a group with one fo our trained teachers.
The Template Book
A tiny practical drawing guide about how to create the 5 Platonic Solids and nest them inside each other with a different approach to the 5 elements.

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When Einstein formulated his famous equation – E=mc2 – he stated that it was not applicable beyond the third dimension.


Learn fascinating new insights about the nature of reality from a geometric perspective that have so far not been fully understood.


Learn fascinating new insights about the nature of reality from a geometric perspective that have so far not been fully understood.

Ever wondered how to decode the most mysterious scientific phenomena?

Learn fascinating new insights about the nature of reality from a geometric perspective that have so far not been fully understood.

How does light travel through a vacuum if it is not a particle?

Why is the electron cloud quantised into stable shells?

Why are elements 43 and 61 missing on the periodic table fo elements?

How does nature break triple nitrogen bonds, essential for life?

Geometric science

Geometric Mathematics

Explore a new and very simple numerical model that offers us intriguing revelations about the nature of space and matter.

Geometric Physics

Discover the structure of the vacuum, from the atom to the galaxy, and gain a new perception of 3D and beyond.

Geometric Chemistry

Uncover geometric solutions for some of the most fundamental chemical processes essential for the complexity of life.

Geometric Philosophy

Decode various ancient symbols from around the world and bring a new level of meaning to them based on geometric science.