Learn Metaphysics
Explore the patterns of the micro- and macrocosmos through the Art of Sacred Geometry & Music.
Start now with our pocket book
The 5 Platonic Solids are the only regular forms in existence. This practical guidebook teaches you how to construct and nest them perfectly inside of each other. Use the completed model to explore universal phenomena from the atom to the galaxies. A fantastic introduction into the art of 3D Geometry!

Very inspiring and informative. Your passion translates into great teaching!

Mayank Chaudhary
phD, Scientist

Science has become cool again! Thank you.

Psychology Student

Two highly conscious people sharing wisdom and knowledge that blows your mind! Absolutely amazing and rare to find people of that level.


I love the combination between knowledge & being creative. Thanks for giving me an insight into how creation begins!

Barbara Offline Portugal in 2 infinity

I was amazed by the knowledge about sacred geometry, numerology and music theory and how all these subjects come together in order for us to perceive how the universe on works. All comes together as one subject, same source, same root.

Upcoming Event
Weekly workshops in South Goa, India

Every Tuesday from 1-3pm, you have the opportunity for a drop-in taster session of Sacred Geometry at the Space Goa. Every week, we will draw a different Mandala and explore its metaphysical meaning.

Facebook Event
Sacred Geometry Teacher Training 11-14 Feb 2019, Goa, India

Explore a set of Mandalas and understand their spiritual and scientific significance. In this 4 days Teacher training program, you will draw, study, do Yoga, chant, meditate & learn Accelerated Learning techniques in order to become a Teacher yourself.