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The Geometric Universe

A unified fractal holographic Theory

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


The Geometric Universe

In2infinity presents the Geometric Universe, where science and spirituality converge in a ground-breaking Unified Fractal Holographic Theory. As we unravel the cosmic tapestry woven by sacred geometry, be prepared for a revelation that defies the ordinary. The most challenging conundrums of the Universe are on the brink of discovery – a truth that may reshape everything you thought you knew.

Latest Posts

Introducing a new Geometric Universe Theory

Colin Power discusses the concept of the Geometric Universe, offering a glimpse into a world of infinite possibilities.

Brillouin Zones and the geometry of Ferromagnetic and Electrically Conductive Waves

The idea that electrons moving though a wire produces electrical flow was disproven over 100 years ago. The Brillouin Zones are used to map the electron waves, which exhibits a…

D-Orbital Geometry – Part 3

The 3rd set of D-orbitals are the last to form stable elements. The geometric explanation revels a 6D structure which terminates at the end of the Metatron's Cube.


In2infinity was founded by Colin Power and Dr. Heike Bielek based on initial inspirations drawn from ancient symbolism. Since 2015, they’ve been developing novel geometric concepts that reinterpret many academic disciplines, opening up conversations about the nature of consciousness. 

Geometric Universe Book

Book out now!

The Geometric Universe – Beyond space and time

This book unveils the Geometric Theory of the cosmos, from the atom to the galaxy. Filled with intricate illustrations, it offers a concise exploration of the Multidimensional Universe, challenging our understanding of space, time, and existence.

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Grab your geometric goodies!

Discover a wealth of inspiration at our online shop! From visually stunning educational posters to captivating geometric mind games and original art, immerse yourself in a collection designed to unravel the mysteries of the Geometric Universe.

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Da Vinci School

Sign up for our Da Vinci School to access free online courses and explore the fascinating world of compass construction. Simplify complex knowledge through creative learning and make beautiful art!

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Inspiring Events

Whether in person or online, our team is bringing conscious connection and inspiring ideas to beautiful locations worldwide. From scientific talks to creative workshops, learn how to elevate your intellect to bring positive change through geometric thinking. 

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Talks & Webinars

Explore the intricacies of our groundbreaking discoveries and join the discussion as we are solving modern scientific enigmas to unveil deep philosophical insights. 

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Retreats & Trainings

Embark on a transformative journey where ancient wisdom seamlessly intertwines with cutting-edge science, all rooted in the mesmerizing tapestry of the Geometric Universe. 

sacred geometry for kids in2infinity da vinci school Dr. Heike Bielek Colin Power

Workshops & Courses

Dive into hands-on learning with our creative Sacred Geometry workshops and courses! Unlock the mysteries of the universe in a fun and accessible way suitable for all ages.

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Emily Flaherty

I am a In2Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Colin and Heike this season in...

James Thomas

It was amazing to attend some of the In2infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in...

Eveline Van Kampen

I met Colin in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the...

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