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4D Maths and the algebraic solution to pi

In2infinity - 4D Maths
In2infinity - 4D Maths
4D Maths and the algebraic solution to pi

In2infinity, four dimensional mathematics and the solutions to pi. Imagine a mathematic where all algebra ceases to function where numbers such as zero divided by one and zero squared, make perfect sense. And where the number two equals the number four, no matter what you do, whilst at the same time can equal pi, the number he or any other number in existence if, if additionally imagined that this number system is so powerful that it can collapse the entire Schroedinger equations into a single ceases to have any kind of effect. Instead, it turns into a rotational function of the number line itself.

The the discoverers of this mathematical system have now used it to propose a solution to the continuum hypothesis, pi and even the crate accredited Riemann hypothesis that is currently worth a prize million of $1 million scepticism as to the validity of this mathematic has undoubtedly, shaken is undoubtedly become a hot topic within the mathematical community. And we can expect to see more from this interesting scenario as we progress and more numbers are discovered.

Colin power the mathematical originator of many of these ideas has this following statement. We have only just discovered the fourth dimension of mathematics. And already we have calculable equations that allow us to understand the real definition of pie in fourth dimensional space, which is base at base infinity. We therefore now have an algebraic solution to pi in base infinity, from which we have extracted four new constants we call the PI constants this will probably be the greatest mathematical discovery of the last 3000 years. Whilst it is still early days, Colin power and his team are still hard at work decoding some of this infinite information. into a format that we can understand more readily. This has begun with an infinity calculator that you can download from their website at into To find out more. They are also at the moment approaching scientists and mathematicians, people from the mathematical community to try and establish the validity of their findings. Stay tuned for more updates coming shortly.

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