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Dr. Heike Bielek in2infinity

Types of Infinity (into 2 & 3)

Dr. Heike Bielek takes you on an enlightening exploration of infinity in the square and triangle, showcasing the beauty and simplicity of ratios 2 and 3. Discover the diverse manifestations of infinity and witness the elegance of geometric patterns that redefine our understanding of the infinite.


The Speed of Sound and Light Ratio

Colin Power uncovers the hidden secrets of sacred geometry, showing the link between light and sound through the Vesica Piscis. The discovery is based on Dimensionless Science, which translates constants into geometric ratios, revealing the mathematical nature of the Geometric Universe. Don’t miss this captivating presentation.

YouTube The chaos game featured image Dr. Heike Bielek

Order out of Chaos? The Sierpinski Fractal – Video

Discover the secrets of order emerging from chaos in a captivating exploration with Dr. Heike Bielek. Through simple mathematics and specific forms, Dr. Bielek reveals the process of how order emerges and the significance of repeating patterns on different scales. Gain insights into the deep connection between mathematics and our reality.

YouTube dimensions of space Dr. heike Bielek

Dimensions of space: Translational and rotational model

Dr. Heike Bielek presents a new perspective on the creation of spatial dimensions by introducing the concept of rotation and using the Seed of Life symbol. Through this symbolic representation, she reveals how the octahedron is born, bringing forth the first type of 3D space.

YouTube atomic geometry Dr. heike Bielek featured image

Atomic Geometry of P-orbitals as an Octahedron

Dr. Heike Bielek of In2infinity discusses Atomic Geometry and its connection to the structure of matter. The Seed of Life, a geometric template, serves as the foundation for a 3D octahedral structure. This structure impacts the periodic table and defines the P-orbitals, and the behaviour of noble gases.

YouTube Time and space around the earth (Pi) Dr. Heike Bielek

Time around the Earth is unified through Pi

Dr. Heike Bielek explores the geometric structure of a circle, uncovering the connections between space, time, and pi. Discover the intriguing correlations that expose the hidden patterns shaping our perception of the world.

YouTube 8 infinities featured image

8 Infinities on the Number Line

Colin Power presents 8 types of infinity on the number line. He challenges conventional mathematical practices by questioning the squaring of negative numbers and proposes a new system of Geometric Maths.