Thank you so much for the workshop. It has been a fascinating day, even though I am not such a big fan of numbers etc. I learnt a lot and was able to learn more about it. The Space is also a great place and provides a good atmosphere. I liked how passionate both of you are about the topic, you are already engaged. This makes it such a good experience! Looking forward to seeing how you will develop the concept further.

Lena Katharina

Hilary Faverman

My three boys attended the workshop with the age of 11, 9 and 3. They were super fascinated, begging to...

Dr. Benjamin Rotzbüll

The Offline Retreat is the perfect combination to find a way to recharge your batteries and be ready to learn...

Lucy Howells

Colin and Heike – besides being fascinating individuals, they are human representations of Sacred Geometry… layers and layers from a...

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