Geometric Math

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negative squaring

Negative Square Numbers

In traditional mathematics, square numbers can only produce a positive result. However, in Geometric Maths, we allow for negative squaring, which opens up a whole new dimension of number.


The algebraic solution to π and the number ℮

The numbers π and the number ℮ are considered to be transcendental in nature, as there is no algebraic root that can define these constants. Yet, by constructing a set of equations, we can understand something interesting about their relationship.


Aleph 05

Adding sequential fractions creates a series that expands by 0.5, forming an infinite set between the whole and real numbers, solving the Continuum Hypothesis.

try it for yourself ininfinity

Solving Infinity

By assessing the nature of numbers, base systems, and solving infinity, we lay the foundations for a solution to the Russel paradox, and Continuum Hypothesis, and much more.

one sqaured rotates the number line

4D Squaring

4D squaring demonstrates how dimensionality can be increased through powers, and offers a solution to the 90° orientation of electromagnetism.