Barbara Miranda

I met Colin and Heike over 2 years now during a Sacred Geometry workshop in Goa, India (2018). I was MIND BLOWN with their Knowledge & Experience - specially the fact that I could connect the dots between subjects that were always fascinating for me: Art, Music, Science, Yoga, and Nature. Since then, I use Geometry for planning my days, to draw my Art, to organise my Mind and also my House. Everything has a Divine Order. I have been the happiest when they came to host a retreat with my Offline Portugal Project. That was the cherry on top of the cake, and I dream for more Connections and Soul brothers & sisters like this.

Bárbara Miranda

Emily Flaherty

I am a In2Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Colin and Heike this season in...

James Thomas

It was amazing to attend some of the In2infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in...

Eveline Van Kampen

I met Colin in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the...

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