Sacred Geometry is the art of drawing using a compass and straight edge.

Historically the art of drawing circles was performed by placing a stake in the ground and using a rope to mark our a circle; ‘Geo’ meaning Earth and ‘metry’ meaning measure, or Earth measure. In fact is was French geometricans that defined the distance of the modern meter by estimating the distance from the north pole to the equator as it passes through Paris.

The concept of Sacred is introduced as in the construction of each form no measurement is taken. Each design is constructed relative to the first compass opening. After the first circle is created, the compass points are inverted to create two equally overlapping circles, called the Vesica Piscis. Where the two circles overlap, two nodes are formed that can be used as the basis for more circles.

When circles are overlaidĀ  in the fashion, a triangular tapestry is formed. six triangle combine to form a hexagon. This ideas is embodied in one of the most famous Sacred Geometric symbols, the Flower of Life. Within its structure lies a surprising amount of information, that can demonstrate and reveal a plethora of concepts found in both science and spiritual thought.

In this way we can draw Sacred Geometry and begin to widen our potential to understand and remember knowledge, as well as pursue a spiritual path that opens the mind to seeing reality from a completely new perspective.