Famous Geometric Judaism Symbols? The most prominent Sacred Geometry symbol of Judaism is by far the Star of David. But there are other symbols such as the Tree of Life and the Merkaba. In this article, we will explore Judaism and the meaning of their geometric symbols. Judaism, just as Christianity and Islam, is an Abrahamic Religion. Their doctrine is based on the twenty-four books of the Hebrew Bible, which is the Old Testament in Christianity, also known as the Tanakh. This collection of Hebrew scriptures includes the Written Torah. Torah means teaching, which often refers to the first five books of Moses of the Hebrew Bible. In the course of history, many symbols were associated with Jewish culture. Star of David The Star of David is the most recognisable symbol of Judaism. It appears in synagogues, Jewish tombstones and is the official symbol of the Israeli Flag. It had a negative annotation in Nazi Germany as the Yellow batch that Jewish people had to wear to identify them. While the Star of David is fairly recent, the Magen David, the shield of King David, or Seal of Solomon are other names of the same symbol and are much older. This symbol has its origins in the 14th century and refers to a ring attributed to King Solomon, which was depicted as a hexagram, sometimes also a pentagram. This ring was used as a protective force that gave Solomon the power to command demons and spirits. It can be created from the Seed of Life template and is often recognised as the male version of the Seed of Life. Others see the upward and downward facing triangles as the duality principle of male and female or physical and spiritual world. The Star of David can also be seen as a 2D version of the Merkaba, another spiritual tool that is mentioned in the Kabbalah. The Star of David is also a prominent symbol in Buddhism, Jainism, and Christianity as the Star of Creation. And it can be found in many other places such as Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Japan, and Ethiopia. Tree of Life The tree of life is an omni present symbol that is found in almost all ancient cultures and usually is depicted as a tree with its roots contained within a circle. In Judaism, the Tree of Life is the central symbol of the Kabbalah, which means tradition. It is a set of teachings that explains the relationship between the infinite and finite aspects of god. Here, the tree of life is a geometric diagram that consists of ten interconnected nodes, which are known as sephiroth. The ten sephiroth are aligned in three columns with 22 pathways of wisdom, represented by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each sphere has a name, colour, angel name, angelic choir, planetary correspondence and other interesting attributes. The eleventh sephiroth was hidden, Daath, which stands for knowledge. The Kabbalah is an ancient system of esoteric wisdom which also made its way into the Christian, New Age and Occult culture. It can also be seen as a Chakra system, similarly to the Vedic Chakra System. We can create the Tree of Life from the Flower of Life tapestry. Merkaba Merkabah, also known as Merkavah is a school of early Jewish mysticism, centred around the visions of Ezekiel. The word Merkaba is Hebrew and means chariot, but also light, body, spirit from an ancient Egyptian translation. It basically means that it is a vehicle which connects the body to light and spirit. It is a spiritual vehicle that helps to enhance the energetic field of the body to step into a higher dimensional state. It seems to have been appeared in visions and experiences of biblical figures such as Ezekiel, who had connections with celestial beings. According to the verses in Ezekiel, the Merkaba consists out of four angels. In geometry, this refers to the shape of the Tetrahedron, made from four corners. The three-dimensional Merkaba is indeed made from 2 interlocking Tetrahedra. In geometric terms, the Merkaba is called the Star-Tetrahedron and it is a compounded Tetrahedron. In a two-dimensional view, this symbol can be expressed as the Star of David. As a spiritual visualisation tool, it is actually a 5D shape. The bottom triangle represents femininity and rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, and the top relates to masculinity and rotates in a clockwise direction simultaneously. There is a third Merkaba that stands still. Many spiritual teachers believe that it activate the DNA and helps the ascension process.