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  • Religious Stories and Scientific theories
  • Coding Nature and Life
  • Our New Concept how 3D space comes into existence!

The Eye of god is a spiritual metaphor, that the Universe is created and destroyed within the blink of an eye. Even at the foundations of reality, Science reveals that the atomic fabric is fluttering in and out of existence. In this workshop, we explore the boundaries of the Universe and build a picture of our beautiful world within the cosmos.

  • The Vesica Piscis
  • Energy
  • Boundaries of Reality

The Seal of Mercury is the solar map of the first two planets of our Solar System, Mercury and Venus. Based on the discoveries of astronomer Johannes Kepler in the 17th century, all the planets exhibit a particular geometric relationship. Even though discredited by modern science, these star maps account for an accuracy of as close as 99.9% of their mean orbits. Find out the meaning behind the Seal of Mercury and its relevance to shape.

  • The Trinity
  • 2D Space
  • Mercury and Venus

The Star of Laxmi is a Hindu symbol representing goddess Laxmi. She is often depicted with a pot of gold and many Hindus devote to her as it is believed that she brings wealth and abundance. In this workshop, we will explore how this mythology fits the symbol and if there is a much deeper meaning that fundamentally shifts our perception of reality.

  • The Square/ Octagon
  • 8 forms of Laxmi
  • Manifesting Reality

The Pentagon/pentagram is seen as a magickal symbol in many esoteric teachings. What is hidden within this simple shape and how does it link to the patterns of nature? In this workshop, we explore fractal geometry and how the pentagon naturally creates this endless pattern. This will reveal a new perception of what infinity is, how it can be created from this form and how it relates to the concept of time.

  • Infinity
  • Fractal Patterns
  • Frames of Time

The Seal of Jupiter is a Mandala that accurately describes the relationships between Earth and Jupiter when we take their mean orbits into account. Find out how this 2D map can express itself in 3D and links in this way to the world of Matter. Is there a secret code in the sky that simultaneously works beneath?

  • Star of David Fractal
  • Earth, Jupiter and the astroid belt
  • Octahedron-Cube nesting

Get into the Art!

These simple Kids workshops offer a fun and interactive experience that teaches the fundamental terminologies used in Sacred Geometry. They are focussed on drawing, storytelling and involve developing a montage of different scenes and characters.

Islamic Design

Discover the secrets behind these mesmerising designs. In these sessions, we focus on the development of tapestries derived from the triangle, square and hexagon. We explore how the division of these basic shapes define patterns that tesselate to produce fabulous optical effects.

13 Sacred Numbers

These workshops focus on compass technique and guiding participants through fundamental shapes created from a line. Beginner’s sessions range from numbers 1 to 6, with more advanced workshops covering higher numbers, 7 to 13.

Mandala Magick

Meditation and chanting of mantras are often accompanied by the creation of various geometric forms, called Yantra. In these workshops, we aim to produce simple Mandalas to aid in meditation and creative visualisation. We explore the relationship to colour opposites and explain the flashing colours technique.

Hindu Symbolism

In Hindu belief, Lord Vishnu has the Dharma Wheel spinning on his finger, whereas his consort, Laxmi it represented by the eight-pointed star. In this workshop we explore the nature of the Cross and the Square, covering concepts such as the Dharma Wheel, the Swastika, the Star of Laxmi and the Law of Karma.

The Flower of Life

The concept of manifest and non-manifest lies at the heart of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. In this session, we explore this idea as we draw the Seed and Flower of Life. These intriguing symbols can be found carved into the ruins of the ancient civilisations across the world.

The Metatron’s Cube

Upon a backdrop of perfectly interconnected circles, we can produce 13 whole circles, called the Fruit of Life. By connecting all centre points together we can define the blueprint of all 5 Platonic Solids. These are the only regular solids in existence. But what other secrets does this image hold?

The Aetheric Cell

A hexagonal cell produced by the Seed of Life forms an infinite 2D tapestry. In this Mandala we explore its significance of boundaries that divide our reality into distinct objects. From the cells of our skin to DNA, Life manifests itself at different scales. By exploring the nature of these boundaries we can gain a clearer understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.

Scientific & Technical

The Squaring of the Circle

The ancient minds considered the circle to be divine and the straight line to be Earth. By finding a solution to the mathematical problem of squaring the circle they believed that the marriage between heaven and earth is expressed. In this workshop, we will explore this riddle through Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man and its relationship between the Moon and Earth.

The 5 Platonic Solids

Named after the Greek Philosopher Plato, the 5 Platonic Solids are found to be the only regular solids in existence. In this workshop, we will create them in 2D and 3D. As they nest perfectly in 3 spheres, this shows interesting insights to the nature of reality.

The Atom

This intensive workshop focuses on the structure of the Electron Cloud in the Atom. By creating a variety of Platonic and Archimedean Solids, we can relate each to a specific shell and orbital type. A fun and interactive way to explore the Periodic Table of Elements. Suitable for those who are curious about physics and chemistry.

The Geometry of Ecology

Biological life on earth is sustained by 5 ecological cycles. These allow life to create water, proteins, carbon structures, and even our DNA. This workshop explores their relationship by creating different forms that compose the molecular geometry of the elements found in each cycle. Through this, we can begin to fully appreciate the deep interconnectedness of ourselves and the world in which we live.

Fibonacci Spirals & Phi

Many natural patterns embody the Fibonacci sequence, for example in the growth of plants or the arrangement of flower leaves. These numbers converge on Phi (Φ), the Golden Ratio. In this workshop, we create Fibonacci Spirals and explore its relationship to nature.

Vortex Mathematics

According to Vedic mathematics, 9 numbers define the cosmos. Placed around a circle, this produces an algorithm that loops infinitely on itself. The Sufis used this methodology to define the Enneagram, a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. But what other secrets can be found within this pattern?