Teacher Training


6 to 10 hours

Live session with one of our teachers

Pre-recorded theory videos

required toolkit.

Drawing compass


Drawing supplies

Colours/Art supplies

learning techniques.



Mindful Activities

Repeat, Recall, Review

In our Teacher training…

If you are eager to get started as a teacher or expand your expertise as a teaching professional, we will help you develop your skills and gain knowledge based on our unique education program. Our teacher training courses are designed to equip you with our holistic approach of learning, bringing creativity and innovative thinking into your lessons in a very intimate environment.

Who is this for?

The program is suitable for anyone who is aiming not only to become a teacher but wishes to dive into the path of Universal knowledge. For teachers who already work in education (e.g. in the fields of science, mathematics, art, music, philosophy, yoga, history), this course will help to expand your skills sets through the Art of Learning.

What you can learn?

The aim of our TTCs is to build a core foundation for you, in order to help you pursue a career as a certified In2Infinity teacher. We will focus on concepts of geometry from our ancient history to the application in modern science. By understanding geometry, we will decode the philosophical meaning behind many universal symbols and reveal how they are linked together in an artistic way.

Artistic - Draw and teach a set of Geometric Designs
Music - Incorporate music into your teaching
Philosophical - Embody knowledge through meditation
Science - Learn the foundations of Space, Energy, Matter, Sound and Time
Math - Decode the numerical relationships of shapes and form


Upon absolving one of our TTCs, you will be certified as In2Infinity facilitator and we will welcome you to our teachers team. As part of the team, you will be listed on our website and get access to our broadcasting portal, a powerful marketing suite, and direct support from the community.


Gain greater understanding by teaching
Elevate the education of humanity
Start your online-teaching career

TTC GOA: FEB 1-6, 2021

In this 6 days course, you will learn about universal knowledge based on geometry and get familiar with our holistic approach to learning. Gain new perspectives of the world and learn how to deliver this knowledge in fun and engaging ways.

Would you like to…

▶ become a teacher of holistic education?
▶ gain and spread universal knowledge?
▶ start teaching online?


We are setting up the Teacher Training camp in South Goa, away from any distractions. On the training site, we offer comfortable accommodation in mixed or single rooms, much space to learn, get creative and teach, and connect to like-minded aspiring teachers. With a healthy diet in a magnificent and natural forest environment, it is the perfect place to start your journey into the mysteries of the universe.

Sample Schedule

09-10 - Breakfast
10-12 - Learning
12-13 - Lunch
13-16 - Planning & Teaching
16-17 - Meditation
18-19 - Dinner
20-21 - Evening Activities

Welcome dinner: 19.00h on the day before the listed course start date
Check-in: 14.00h onwards one day before the course.
Check-out: Before 10.00h on the day of your listed course end date.

📌 What is included

▶ Art materials
▶ Teaching manuals
▶ Accommodation & food
▶ Access to our online platform

📌 Costs

Our Early Bird price is £550 instead of £890. Available only for the first 4 participants.

📌 Capacity

We keep the Teacher Training to an intimate group of 12 people max.

Ready to deepen your awareness and enhance your mind through an intensive learning experience?

Write to us to register:
[email protected]

october, 2020