Offline Retreat Portugal

OfflineRetreat Portugal in the natural surrounding of Aljezur on the Algarve Coast
9-13th of September 2020
Mind, Body, Spirit Portugal
Core mission and purpose
DISCONNECT TO ReConnect to yourself & Cosmos
Spend 5 nights on an organic farm in the midst of Portugal?s landscape. From 5th through to 10th of October, Sacred Geometry Facilitator, Barbara and her Offline Farm is inviting for an unforgetteable experience away from any digital technology. Leave your phone off and turn on your curious mind as we embark on a journey through Metaphysics, Yoga and Meditation. Expand your awareness and discover the silence within. Together, we will explore the infinite part of ourself that is waiting to be unleashed.
Enjoy the environment of the Offline farm.
The atmosphere of the farm is the perfect place to connect to nature. Here, we will gather together not as a holdiay but as an experience to bring mind, body and spirit into cosmic alignment. We learn and use cutting-edge tools and techniques based on sacred geometry, metaphysics, Yoga, Mandala Meditation and much more. Break your deepest internal barriers and connect to an inspiring community.
The OFFline Concept
Everything in the Universe is energy. Some energy feels good and some energy feels not so good. With the advancement of modern technology, we are so accustomed to our digial tools that we often don?t feel how it actually affects us. Take a time out and expand your awareness again. Back to the moment. Then you will realise that life is much more than pictures and videos on a screen, but an experience with yourself and your environment, in the only moment that ever exists ? the NOW.

About Offline Portugal

Join the Mind, Body, Spirit Retreat Portugal

The Offline farm is a peaceful and quiet farm house surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Aljezur, Portugal. More like a community than a resort, here everyone is invited to share, connect but at the same time has enough space to just be by himself/herself. For the accommodation, you can choose between a shared or private room and even a tent. Barbara and the Offline Team will serve us breakfast and diner, however everyone is also invited to create food together for lunch.

When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result.

Deepak Chopra


Secrets of Mandalas

Draw Mandalas, spiritual symbols from ancient India, and explore their metaphysical meaning to broaden your understanding of the Universe and your place in it.

Mandala Meditation

Manifest your dreams into your reality using the magical practise of Creative Visualisation with Mandalas.


Rooted in ancient India, Yoga is not only a physical practise but a philosophy that helps you to connect to yourself and the divine.


One thing that will guide your through all of your life is your breath ? your energy. Experience how you can activate yourself with the Wimhof technique and reach a new state of awareness.


Let go of your fears, jump right into the raw force of nature and enjoy surfing the waves.

Mind Mapping

We show you the tools how to structure your thoughts and create a clear vision for your next project.

Ecstatic Dance

We will incorporate Ecstatic dance, that has been used by tribes around the world to enter a state of trance, still the mind and connect to your higher energetic self.


Our music nights will invite all everyone to jam together. This will be supported by the Infinite Grooves, which is the funky duo of Colin and Heike to play some of their acoustic sets.

Sample Daily Schedule
This table will give you an idea of our daily schedule. Here at Offline, everything is very flexible and we completely adjust according to your interests.
11amSacred Geometry

Dr. Heike Bielek

Spiritual Scientist (ph.D.),
Metaphysician / Yoga Teacher / Manifestation Coach

Colin Power

In 2 Infinity Foundar & Musician,
Metaphysics Expert

Bárbara Miranda

Offline Founder & Sacred Geometry Facilitator
Spiritual Teacher, Lightworker

Book your spot now

?for an unforgetteable experience with In 2 Infinity and Offline Portugal. Unbeatable value from only ?425!

Frequently asked questions

The ‘Buy Now’ button will take you to the product page where you can choose accommodation (budget, delux, private or tent). Then you can proceed with the payment via paypal. If you need a different payment plan, please contact us: [email protected]

If you need to cancel your booking you will need to write to us immediately. Refunds of deposits for cancellations are as follows:

  • 2 months before the retreat: 100% refund
  • 1 month before the retreat: 50% refund
  • less than 2 weeks from start date: No refund
  • triple shared budget outside: £425 (490€)
  • triple shared deluxe: £485 (560€)
  • double private (1 person): £685 (790€)
  • double private (2 people): 1390€

Yes, 3x meals per day are included in the package. The Offline Team will serve you breakfast and dinner. Lunchtime, we all cook together.

Bring your own Yoga matt, if you want. Otherwise just yourself.

The Offline Farm Address: 86HP+QJ Aljezur, Portugal

Googlemaps: (37.3296233, -8.7635269)

The best way to get there is via Faro airport (about 1:30h). Take a train to Lagos and get the bus to Aljezur. From Lisbon its about 3h by car and there are also busses available.

With the full package, you will receive:

  • 3x Yoga
  • 3x Sacred Geometry
  • 3x Mandala Meditation

Additionaly, there will be Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork sessions.

At Offline Portugal we do not use our phone or Laptops. You can leave them with us when you arrive and you will get them back once you check out. Take a break from your digital life and engage fully with the moment. ♥

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