Workshops Goa, India

February 28, 2017

Developing Sacred Geometry Workshops

In South Goa, India, we started to develop a series of practical, fun and creative Sacred Geometry workshops to explain our theory on the nature of reality.

Immersed in a culture of Symbolism and Mandalas, India is the perfect place to begin our journey through Sacred Geometry. We decided to set ourselves a challenge to see if we could develop a set of workshops that would make some of our amazing discoveries more tangible for people.

Whenever you start something new, you can never sure, who will show up.

Nevertheless, we started our promotion and were astounded by the response. Maybe it is because India attracts a whole variety of people, from the open-minded traveler, the Yoga enthusiast and those who follow science. This diversity of participants provided a rich background for us to embroider our workshops with spiritual metaphors and scientific analogies. We also discovered that our workshops were applicable for all ages, from parents with their children to elderly couples, we were able to cater our workshop style towards a variety of interests and abilities.

It wasn?t long before our reputation spread and we were soon invited to provide workshops for one of the most renowned Yoga schools in South Goa, Kranti Yoga. We also had the opportunity to participate in our first festival, run by The Space Goa, where we spend one whole day running drop-in classes that proved very popular with the children. Over the course of five months, we run over 25 workshop sessions, wherein we covered unique aspects of our Sacred Geometric theory without the need to repeat a single course.

This paved the way for our next adventure, a tour in Europe.


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