Sacred Geometry TTC in Goa ? A Student?s Review

March 10, 2020

My journey with sacred geometry started somewhere around the late 2000?s when I read the sensational thriller novel ?The DaVinci Code? by Dan Brown. It made a passing reference to the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. And for some reason that brief excerpt got my attention the most and set me on an adventure I never thought about earlier, I never knew whether such things even exist.

Being a curious soul I began to research and reading on the topic which led me to the much broader and mysterious world of sacred geometry. By 2019, there was not much good literature (online or books) that I didn?t come across.

The reason to mention all that is that I was not a newbie to the subject when I enrolled for the teacher training program with in2infinity in 2020. I already had a lot of knowledge and understanding about it. But this is where things get interesting, I did find it difficult to follow certain things at times but was completely blown away in under an hour on the last day of the program.

What I realized in that one hour was the reassurance that sacred geometry is not a subject that much about knowledge as it is about contemplation. It is the knowledge that has to be realized through ?living? it. I got a glimpse of the unfolding of the reality of existence through the archetypes of numbers and geometric relations in a way I have never seen before. It was really a moment of realization in its own way, where my mind was making connections as the master in front of me spoke.
I have to say that Colin is not merely a teacher of sacred geometry but a true practitioner who lives and breathes sacred geometry. He is an eccentric genius in his own way, and maybe that?s why a little difficult to follow at times, but that?s where Heike is a great help in simplifying the concepts and relationships that his mind churns out (You guys compliment each other so well and make a great team). I would love to learn from the master more if such an opportunity arises ever again.
It was only one week so I know that we barely scratched the surface there as far as the amount of knowledge is concerned, but that is completely insignificant to me. What I gained from the training the most is the re-ignited interest in the ?practice? (yes, not study) of sacred geometry which had become stale in a way off lately after all the thrill of the initial years.

To all those thinking of learning more about sacred geometry, I would like to say that ?knowing? is one thing while ?realisation? is quite another. Also, learning from a teacher (or book) is one thing while learning from a true master is another. There are many teachers out there but only a few masters, and I can safely claim that Colin is one of those very few.

Author / Sunil Jakhar
Sunil holds Bachelors degree in Physics & Mathematics and Masters in Business Management. However, for him the real education started when he left the formal education system and became an autodidact learner. Since then he has been studying a variety of disciplines such as Physical Sciences, Music, Metaphysics and Visual Arts & Design with an interdisciplinary approach mainly in connection to mathematics, which he sees as a key to understand the mysteries and nature of the reality. Currently, lives in Jaipur, India where he has been associated with the education field for quite some time now and is active as an academic researcher/content writer and teacher. He finds himself most fascinated with Geometry, Metaphysics, Geometric Art and considers himself a poly-math educator.