4 Days First Sacred Geometry Teacher Training Goa
In2Infinity founders Dr. Heike Bielek and Colin Power hosted the first TTC at the Space Goa, in South Goa. They trained 9 people to become the first generation of Sacred Geometry teachers.

After 2 years of performing many workshops and courses around in India, Nepal and Europe, it was time to train up people and expand the In2Infinity team. The first TTC counted 9 curious students coming from Yoga, Education and Art. All were trained in the foundations of Sacred Geometry, embodying some of In2Infinity’s new concepts as well as their creative teaching methods.

The venue, the Space Goa (which unfortunately has closed now), provided the perfect space for the intensive knowledge classes and a beautiful outdoor space for teachings and mediations. The training itself consisted of learning sessions, drawing exercises, group work, teaching practise and meditation activities.

In 4 days, this built a strong foundation for the students to perform simple workshops while having fun and integrating the knowledge into their lives themselves. With tons of material, teaching resources and community support, it was their first step into the world of Sacred Geometry as In2Infinity certified teachers.

Many of these teachers have integrated Sacred Geometry into their own practice, in their coaching and/or projects to distribute this metaphysical knowledge to children and adults. Some teach now abroad in different languages, in their retreats, classes and even online.

If you would like to get in contact with one of these teachers for classes or projects, please send your enquiry directly to the teacher through our daVinciSchool online academy.


What other students say…
"Are you ready to get your mind blown? Get a glimpse of why and how our world and reality really works. Where are we even going, and why are we here?"
Ana Balazic​
It was only one week, so I know that we barely scratched the surface there as far as the amount of knowledge is concerned, but that is completely insignificant to me. What I gained from the training the most is the re-ignited interest in the ‘practice’ (yes, not study) of Sacred Geometry, which had become stale and 'way-off' lately after all the thrill of the initial years.
John Doe
"To all those thinking of learning more about sacred geometry, I would like to say that ‘knowing’ is one thing, while ‘realisation’ is quite another. Also, learning from a teacher (or book) is one thing, while learning from a true master is another. There are many teachers out there but only a few masters, and I can safely claim that Colin is one of those very few."
John Doe
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Every year we train a handful of people in the Art of Learning and teaching Sacred Geometry. If creativity and logic, teaching and mind-expanding knowledge is your passion, you might as well find your next job to be a In2Infinity teacher.

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