4D Thinking Course IN Nepal

Dr. Heike Bielek and Colin Power were hosting a one-day intensive Sacred Geometry course about 4D Thinking in Pokhara, Nepal.
This one was mainly focussed on Hindu Symbols, especially the Star of Laxmi and a few geometric mind mapping techniques…


We offered two courses from our 4D Thinking program, which was held at Coffee Katz with an amazing view over the lake. Alongside our weekly Sacred Geometry Workshops in Pokhara, this course focussed on the symbols of Hinduism, the meaning of Karma, the Science of Light and how to structure the mind.

The students, mainly being travellers and Yogis, were eager to learn about Sacred Geometry and got right into the Art of learning. With a couple of small real-life experiments, meditations and deep spiritual thought, this course was again very successful. With many individual mind maps about their own personalities and life visions, it gave the participants a o of knowledge and insights about the Universe from science to spiritual, but also great tools to understand themselves better.

“It’s always nice to learn about spiritual knowledge in the mountains of Pokhara, Nepal, where you are surrounded by monasteries, traditions and clean air.”


The Geometric Universe

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