In2infinity: a global education service

At In2infinity we offer both online and off-line learning experience in some of the most fantastic locations imaginable. We have centres where you can attend practical workshops and retreats. From India to Portugal, and week long retreats to taster workshops and private lessons. Be sure to check in with an In2infinity facilitator near you to see what they are presently offering.

The map below lists some of the places where you can find an in2infinity teacher. Click on the link on the marker to be taken to the teachers profile page. You can contact them directly from there.

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We have been running retreats and workshops since 2015. From the beaches of Goa and Portugal, to the Mountains of the Himalayas, we have explored a world of geometric concepts, from consciousness, science, and beyond.

Check out some of our past events in various countries throughout the world.

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South Goa