William W. Williams
illiam has been a travelling nomad for the majority of his life. He speaks in an undefinable english accent and comes across like an autodidact, who seems to have gathered a wealth of information about religious teachings and ancient wisdom from all around the world.
In February 2015, he went into the jungle somewhere in Indonesia and entered into deep meditation and contemplation. With just a drawing compass, ruler and a calculator, he started to explore the concepts of time, space and number with simple mathematical operations, which he applied to the Art of Sacred Geometry.

This led him on an intellectual and spiritual journey into the depths of Metaphysics, where in just 28 days he compiled a book of over 120,000 words, and a series of images that he claims reveal new insights into the nature of reality. However, his original writings proved too difficult for most people to understand.

Inspired by his book, In 2 Infinity is dedicated to develop and spread his ideas to a wider audience. After intensive research into modern science and religious scriptures, it became clear that his theories are both profound in terms of an understanding of spirituality, as well as revolutionary for current science.

Aspects of his original work are now being published in the framework of practical pocket guidebooks, that give the lay person an easy entrance into the fascinating world of Metaphysics seen from a completely fresh perspective. We have credited each book to William W. Williams as the original author of the work, although much of the writing has been adapted considerably to make it more accessible for people.

The current whereabouts of William is unknown.

Images by William W. Williams
These graphics were extracted from his original work about time, space and numbers.