The Big Picture

11 - 14 Dec 2019 // Goa

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From the atom to the cosmos, unravel the mysteries of the universe through these fun and interactive courses. Seeped in spiritual wisdom, you will be guided through the process of creating mandalas, whilst exploring their significance. Our Big Picture Program is design to open awareness, and enable participants to adjust to a metaphysical mindset, putting themselves back in the centre of their universe.

Unlock your creative Potential

Using drawing compass and ruler, we will explore the patterns found in nature.

Sharpen your logical mind

Following the footsteps of ancient philosophers and modern science, we will piece the puzzle together.

Explore your spiritual being

Learn how to apply spiritual technology in your meditation and become more in tune with yourself.

Paint the Picture

Gain insights into the world of metaphysics through the art of Sacred Geometry. What is Energy, Sound, Light, Matter, Time and how does it form the reailty we experience? Each course will be an exploration of different aspects of our multifacetted Universe from philosophical questions to cutting-edge science.

What is the Big Picture?

The Universe can be observed from many different perspectives, however certain phenomena appears to be concurrent. The Big Picture model examines five types of phenomena, that together produce a coherent picture in alignment with both spiritual and scientific thought.

Fundamental Energy

At the foundations of the Universe, including ourselves, energy is at play. Shaping and forming our experience of reality, energy is vibration, and the idea of the continuum in motion. It is the animating spark that pervades all things, including our physical form. Gain deeper insight into ourselves and the people around us, and affect a positive change.

Divine Harmony

The Universe takes on meaning when sound comes into resonance. Playing 2 or more strings will acquire a relative quality, harmonious or discordant. This occurrence is not random, and can be clearly expressed through the art of Sacred Geometry.

Light, Life & Manifestation

“The Universe is created and destroyed within the blink of an eye”, expounds a truth inherent to manifest and non-manifest realities. Birth-death, Cause and Effect, and the quality of experience are central to our very existence. Understanding the relationship between mind and matter, helps us gain deeper control of our lives, and produce more positive results, through balanced practice with our spiritual aspects.

The facts of the matter

Just as time appears as an elusive quality of life, the same can be said of space. We can pereive matter in space, but not space itself. Yet, clues to its true nature can be found in the structure of the Atom. Decoding the fundamental geometries of the quantum level can reveal us a new perspective of how life functions.

UNity and order

Time is one of the greatest enigmas of life. It flows from the present to the past, where each moment composes of infinite amounts of space. When theorists start to push the boundaries of time, we’ll arrive in a singularity central to blackholes, gravity and the beginning of the Universe.

Jess Briskin
Q'ab'aj chin-ixim Jewelry

Fun, interactive learning that conveys complex information through practical drawing. As someone who uses Sacred Geometry in the jewelry I make, this course has filled me with inspiration. Colin and Heike deliver spiritual and scientific knowledge in a fun and interesting way.

Assaf Harush
Psychedelic Trance Producer

The Star of Laxmi course contained tons of useful information. I believe that understanding this knowledge is the key to ancient technology. The teachers are super great and very gentle. The atmosphere was creative and I went home with a lot of inspiration and light energy. Thank you very much!

In 2 Infinity Testimonial Ishita Bhattacharya
Ishita Bhattacharya
Design Student

Unlocking the mysteries of the universe has always been my dream and finally, I found out that the key is Sacred Geometry! In the workshops offered at Arch College, we learned how different numbers resonate with the universe, about various platonic solids and something I will never forget: the Seed of Life. It has helped me to look beyond the physical realm and with my designs. Thank you for this eye-opening experience.

Emma Toynbee
Metaphysician & Tarot Reader

Thanks for the course in the Power of Manifestation! It was so inspiring and already seems to be having an effect as I sent the link to my book on to someone this morning and noticed that, though not published for another five weeks, it already has a good ranking of #160,000 best selling book in the world!!! This may sound far from the #1 spot I visualized but when ranked against every book in the world this is still considered a good ranking by agents for books of this category. So, the manifestation has begun!

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