The Flower of Life  Expansion
Seed egg flower of life

In Sacred Geometry all kinds of forms are created via a geometrical association of overlapping circles in six-fold symmetry. This sample is believed to construct the muse of nature from the construction of atoms, crops and even the spirals of the galaxy. Relying on the variety of overlapping circles, we discover completely different terminologies that correspond to a wide range of capabilities. Let’s undergo the primary phases of the Flower of Life growth and the names hooked up to it.

The Seed, Egg & the Flower

Starting from a circle, 7 circles overlapp to finish the primary stage. That is called the Seed of Life, which is often known as the Blueprint of creation. Identical to a seed that develops right into a flower, this picture defines the purpose in Sacred Geometry from which every little thing begins to unfold. Some imagine that it displays the genesis story of seven days talked about within the Bible, others level to the truth that 7 appears to be a typical limiting phenomena of nature.

Adding 6 extra circles will create a complete of 13, the Egg of Life. Right here, we discover extra data saved compared to the Seed of Life, typically linked to cell division.

Another layer of 7 circles will add as much as 19 and completes the Flower of Life. In Sacred Geometry, this is the central form and most outstanding Mandala present in historic temples world wide. There are two additional expansions from the Flower of Life, as much as 37 and 61 circles. To this point, these are thought to be Flower of Life variations with no outlined identity, but simply as an infinite growth of this sample is known as Flower of Life tapestry. Nonetheless, there are distinct variations between 19, 37 and 61, as once more, the knowledge inside the Mandala will increase on each stage.  So, we thought it could be time to introduce new terminology, which can assist to distinguish between them sooner or later.

The Seed of Life (7)
The Egg of Life (13)
The Flower of Life (19)
Moon & Heaven
We’ve got given a complete of 37 circles that identify the Moon Flower, because the quantity certainly pertains to the moon. A complete of 61 circles we’ll discuss as the Flower of Heaven. Identical to the Moon Flower, this identity has its causes that appears to be acceptable. For now, let’s simply maintain the names in thoughts, studying about their means & capabilities in another post.
The Moon Flower (37)
The Flower of Heaven (61)