The Flower of Life  Expansion

In Sacred Geometry all forms are created through a geometric arrangement of overlapping circles in six-fold symmetry. This pattern is believed to build the foundation of nature from the structure of atoms, plants and even the spirals of the galaxy. Depending on the number of overlapping circles, we find different terminologies that correspond to a variety of functions. Let’s go through the first stages of the Flower of Life expansion and the different names attached to it.

The Seed, Egg & the Flower

Beginning from a circle, 7 circles overlapp to complete the first stage. This is called the Seed of Life, which is also known as the Blueprint of creation. Just like a seed will grow into a flower, this image defines the point in Sacred Geometry from which everything else starts to unfold. Some believe that it reflects the genesis story of 7 days mentioned in the Bible, others point to the fact that 7 seems to be a common limiting phenomena of nature.

Adding 6 more circles will create a total of 13, the Egg of Life. Here, we find more information stored in comparison to the Seed of Life, often linked to cell division.

Another 7 circles will add up to 19 and completes the Flower of Life. In Sacred Geometry, this is the central form and most prominent Mandala found in ancient temples around the world. There are two further expansions from the Flower of Life, up to 37 and 61 circles. So far, these are regarded as Flower of Life variations with no defined name just as an infinite expansion of this pattern is referred to as Flower of Life tapestry. However, there are distinct differences between 19, 37 and 61, as again, the information within the Mandala increases on every stage.  So, we thought it might be time to introduce new terminology, which will help to differentiate between them in the future.

The Seed of Life (7)
The Egg of Life (13)
The Flower of Life (19)
Moon & Heaven
We have given a total of 37 circles the name of the Moon Flower, as the number indeed relates to the moon. A total of 61 circles we will refer to as the Flower of Heaven. Just like the Moon Flower, also this name has its reasons that seems to be appropriate. For now, let?s just keep the names in mind, learning about their meaning & functions in more detail in another post.
The Moon Flower (37)
The Flower of Heaven (61)