Colin Power

Colin Power

In 2 Infinity Founder, Musician & Metaphysician

Colin Power is a life long musician, workshop facilitator, and has been practicing aspects of the Quadrivium since 2006. In 2000, he set up his own company teaching digital music techniques to children, that was specialized in the field of disabilities. Through this work, he became involved in numerous projects that demonstrated how music improved the memory and learning capabilities, break down emotional barriers and preconception between different ethnic groups. In 2011, he met Tanya Moore who had been exploring Accelerated Learning techniques. Together, they formulated a Spanish course that covered ½ of a GCSE in only 2 days. Colin has traveled extensively, particularly through India and South East Asia, where he has conversed with a large variety of spiritually minded people, particularly on the subject of Buddhism and Hinduism. His entry into the world of Metaphysics began when he became interested in creating alternative energy generation, based on Vedic mathematics of vortexes.


Past Events

DNX: a spiritual transformation for the business world?

How to get out of the Box using Sacred Geometry and Metaphysical principles at the DNX in Berlin.

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