Workshops Pokhara, Nepal

May 25, 2018

Bringing Workshops to Pokhara

In 2 Infinity arrives in Nepal for the first time to offer inspirational and spiritual workshops in the land of Buddha?s Birthplace.

Seeped in Buddhist culture, Nepal seemed like the obvious place to run our metaphysical workshops. Upon arriving a series of chance encounters opened a window of opportunity for us to run weekly sessions in a newly established art space. The top floor of Little Windows with its vistas of Pokhara lake provided the ideal backdrop for engaging in inspiring sessions. These proved even more successful than some of our workshops in Goa, particularly the sessions we conducted on music and the nature of reality.

Science has become cool again. Thank you! Mayank

We were also fortunate enough to be invited to provide workshops for Zero Gallery, a charming Korean hospitality and wonderful zen buddhist garden provided a more intimate setting for those who wanted a more in-depth exploration of Sacred Geometry.

We were surprised to find so many people who knew about and were interested in Sacred geometry. Pokhara seems to attract a spiritual traveler, that is open-minded to new concepts and ideas. The open heart approach of the Nepalese people made it very easy for us to offer our services. As the pace of life is much slower than in the West, which gives everybody time to think about and digest the contents of our session, we definitely intent to return again and visit all the friends we made here.

Author / Heike Bielek
Heike Bielek is a passionate Teacher, International Speaker, Artist, and co-founder of In2Infinity. She studied Biotechnology in Germany, completed her Ph.D. in Biology, and worked in pharmaceutical sales. Alongside science, she was always very active in dancing and art, developing her first project running interdisciplinary art events during her Ph.D. studies. In 2014, she decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. This led her to the discovery of the ancient philosophies of India through Yoga, Meditation, and Symbolism. Diving deep into metaphysical studies, she realized the connections of ancient wisdom and modern science in the practice of geometry. With In2Infinity, Heike has found a way to bring her passions of science, philosophy, and art together. It is her vision to make education a fun and mind-expanding experience for anyone who wants to learn about the Universe. Currently, she lives location independent and moves between India, Nepal, and Europe.