Workshops Goa, India

February 20, 2018

We are expanding our work!

Our second season in South Goa, India, has been very busy with more Sacred Geometry workshops, Courses and Presentations.

We returned to Goa for our second season full of enthusiasm from our Metatron?s Cube Course in the UK. We decided to run two workshops a week. As well as the usual subject matter, we decided to develop the Mandala Magic series that we gave at a new venue, called Jaali Cafe, which focuses more on art and geometry. In addition to this, we were also invited to attend a variety of spiritual, healing festivals, bazars and Yoga shalas.

You are geniuses, that share wisdom and knowledge to blow your mind! Pioneers bringing a new tomorrow. Absolutely amazing and rare to find people of that level.?Noa

The Space Goa had expanded its remit to incorporate talks, presentations and film nights. We seized the opportunity to provide presentations based on a refined version of our Atom & Aether talk, that we presented over the summer in England. We coincided with the talks with a new course we have developed, called The Geometry of Light, which focusses on the nature of Light and the Collapsing of the wave function.?It also gave us enough space and time to continue researching and producing books.

Throughout our time in Goa, we met numerous people from all over the world as they passed through on their travels. Our events attracted many spiritually-minded and consciously aware people who express an interest in our metaphysical work.

Author / Heike Bielek
Heike Bielek is a passionate Teacher, International Speaker, Artist, and co-founder of In2Infinity. She studied Biotechnology in Germany, completed her Ph.D. in Biology, and worked in pharmaceutical sales. Alongside science, she was always very active in dancing and art, developing her first project running interdisciplinary art events during her Ph.D. studies. In 2014, she decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. This led her to the discovery of the ancient philosophies of India through Yoga, Meditation, and Symbolism. Diving deep into metaphysical studies, she realized the connections of ancient wisdom and modern science in the practice of geometry. With In2Infinity, Heike has found a way to bring her passions of science, philosophy, and art together. It is her vision to make education a fun and mind-expanding experience for anyone who wants to learn about the Universe. Currently, she lives location independent and moves between India, Nepal, and Europe.