UK Tour

August 27, 2017

A Tour through the UK

Our first round of talks through the UK with The Atom and the Aether, a presentation about Light, Geometry and the fundamental structure of matter.

This summer had been quite busy. Beside going to a lot of festivals to do Sacred Geometry Workshops, we also prepared a presentation, called?the Atom and the Aether.?Truth Juice, a platform for?Free Thinkers,?invites speakers who regularly present talks in alternative topics such as health, law, economy, and spirituality. Following our invitation, we toured through?Leicester,?Hull?and?Birmingham, to presented our geometrical perspective of light and space, to answer the question:

?is Light a particle or a wave?

GFM Radio?invited us for an interview prior our presentation held at?Positive Living Group, Glastonbury. With about 50 people in the audience, it was our most successful presentation. In fact, Glastonbury is known as prime location for Sacred Geometric knowledge.

It has been a great opportunity to connect to like-minded people, who are familiar with Sacred Geometry in a more spiritual sense. Our perspective on Light, the Atom and the Aether through a more scientific approach was taken very positively and seemed to open up many people?s minds. We like to thank all participants and organisers for their support!

Author / Heike Bielek
Heike Bielek is a passionate Teacher, International Speaker, Artist, and co-founder of In2Infinity. She studied Biotechnology in Germany, completed her Ph.D. in Biology, and worked in pharmaceutical sales. Alongside science, she was always very active in dancing and art, developing her first project running interdisciplinary art events during her Ph.D. studies. In 2014, she decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. This led her to the discovery of the ancient philosophies of India through Yoga, Meditation, and Symbolism. Diving deep into metaphysical studies, she realized the connections of ancient wisdom and modern science in the practice of geometry. With In2Infinity, Heike has found a way to bring her passions of science, philosophy, and art together. It is her vision to make education a fun and mind-expanding experience for anyone who wants to learn about the Universe. Currently, she lives location independent and moves between India, Nepal, and Europe.