Teacher Training Goa 2019

February 14, 2019

Our Training Program in Goa

Our first Sacred Geometry Teacher Training (SG-TTC) took place in February 2019, Goa. In 4-days, we trained all participants in the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry and its relevance to modern science as well as spirituality.

Most participants were already familiar with our workshops and took the chance to participate in our very first Teacher Training. Held in our regular venue, the Space Goa, we gathered to learn, draw and teach all about the metaphysical world through the lens of shape and form.

This program was intended to expand everyone?s understanding of reality, experiencing the power of Mandalas and finally being able to teach this knowledge in a fun and interactive way. We crossed many boundaries from the history and philosophical meaning of this Sacred Art to modern day data produced by Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Cosmology. With Accelerated Learning methods such as memory hooks, body movements, meditations and a lot of drawing, this knowledge was presented from many angles. This way, the newly trained teacher would not only comprehend and confidently teach our ideas better, but engrain the deeper spiritual meaning into one?s own life.

By the end of this program, everyone received a Sacred Geometry Teacher?s Certificate and a set of solid Mandala workshops. These 9 freshly trained teachers are now able to bring more awareness and knowledge about Sacred Geometry to kids, yogis and anybody who wants to explore the mysteries of reality.

This has been a very successful experience and we are very happy that we have expanded on our In 2 Infinity team with new facilitators, who are already out there doing their own workshops.

Thank you all for your curiosity, patience, and willingness to expand your mind!

Become a Teacher

Are you interested to become a teacher as well? We are already offering our next SG-TTC in February from 3rd to 7th, 2020! Secure our Early Early Bird Discount!

Author / Heike Bielek
Heike Bielek is a passionate Teacher, International Speaker, Artist, and co-founder of In2Infinity. She studied Biotechnology in Germany, completed her Ph.D. in Biology, and worked in pharmaceutical sales. Alongside science, she was always very active in dancing and art, developing her first project running interdisciplinary art events during her Ph.D. studies. In 2014, she decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. This led her to the discovery of the ancient philosophies of India through Yoga, Meditation, and Symbolism. Diving deep into metaphysical studies, she realized the connections of ancient wisdom and modern science in the practice of geometry. With In2Infinity, Heike has found a way to bring her passions of science, philosophy, and art together. It is her vision to make education a fun and mind-expanding experience for anyone who wants to learn about the Universe. Currently, she lives location independent and moves between India, Nepal, and Europe.