Sacred Geometry at the DNX Lisbon, Portugal

September 27, 2018

A festival for Conscious Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs

In 2 Infinity was invited to speak at the DNX festival for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and holistic lifestyle in Lisbon, Portugal.

The DNX conference attracted over 400 participants with interests in starting innovative online businesses, personal development and networking. Together with other renowned keynote speakers, we presented metaphysical concepts to help achieve a positive and creative lifestyle.
The event organisers, Marcus and Feli, are digital nomads originating from Germany, who work and live location-independent. Since the advent of the internet, more and more people try to step into this lifestyle, which seems to be a way out of the conventional system.
I choose freedom is their slogan, under which a new kind of business thinking is arising that nurtures even spiritual growth. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise to see their event branded on a Sacred Geometric backdrop.
Many newbies, as well as professionals, gathered on an autumn weekend in the city of Lisbon to learn and network. Over 50 participants made their way to our metaphysical workshop, which introduced the Art of Sacred Geometry and its application as a harmonic mind mapping tool.
How can we live in a more harmonious life, what do we strive for besides the obvious material success? This taster workshop gave an overview of this ancient knowledge to open up the mind to the mysteries of the Universe, let alone the question of consciousness itself. The session ended with a powerful meditative visual experience which seems to have left a strong impression on many participants.


It’s been a great event with lots of exchange from business to philosophical concepts. We would like to thank the organisers for the invitation, all participants for their engagement and all new connections.



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Author / in2infinity
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