Workshop at Arch College of Design & Business, Jaipur

November 21, 2018

Sacred Geometry in Jaipur

In cooperation with Sunil Jakhar, Geometrician and Metaphysicist, we organised a three-day intensive course at Arch College of Design & Business to teach the principles of Sacred Geometry mainly in connection to Islamic Geometric Design.

The course provided students with an understanding of the importance of geometric shapes and proportioning systems in relation to geometric composition in any kind of design work along with outlining the deeper spiritual meaning inherent in the symbols.

About 80 students from various design streams such as fashion, interior, product, graphics and jewellery participated in the workshop, learning how to construct geometric composition from the basic instruments of drawing compass and ruler. From?simple Mandalas to complex tessellations, all art was presented with metaphysical meaning and relevance to nature.

The construction of Islamic Geometric Patterns and the divine proportions contained
within it expresses a bridge between spirituality and science. This knowledge will surely
inspire this generation of students to be more conscious in their design, building a
broader picture of the world we are living in.

We would like to thank the faculty for inviting us and bringing the knowledge and
fascination of this divine art. They have devoted a page in their January edition of Magazine Backstitch.

Author / Sunil Jakhar
Sunil holds Bachelors degree in Physics & Mathematics and Masters in Business Management. However, for him the real education started when he left the formal education system and became an autodidact learner. Since then he has been studying a variety of disciplines such as Physical Sciences, Music, Metaphysics and Visual Arts & Design with an interdisciplinary approach mainly in connection to mathematics, which he sees as a key to understand the mysteries and nature of the reality. Currently, lives in Jaipur, India where he has been associated with the education field for quite some time now and is active as an academic researcher/content writer and teacher. He finds himself most fascinated with Geometry, Metaphysics, Geometric Art and considers himself a poly-math educator.