Exploring Hampi’s Ancient Symbols

March 11, 2019

After exploring the ruins of Hampi and getting lost in the patterns of the temple carvings we felt inspired to host our first Sacred Geometry workshops. We held sessions at Evergreen Cafe and Goan Corner on Hampi Island. Over three workshops we connected with fellow travellers, musicians, artists and of course climbers who all added interesting thoughts and questions to our gatherings. Everyone expressed themselves through creative drawing and mindful colouring of a collection of mandalas. We looked at the fundamental Seed of Life mandala, our universal perspective through the Eye of God mandala and the measurements of the cosmos with the Seal of Jupiter.

A big thank you to Evergreen Cafe for allowing us to make such a creative hub in their laid-back, artsy space and also to Goan Corner for their delightful outdoor area. We’re so happy we had so much fun sharing knowledge and guiding creativity in Hampi. Great people and feedback left us high in energy for our next adventure.

Alex Sutton

Author / Alex Sutton
Alex left the UK in 2017 to travel to Asia, where he teaches English. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring creativity in others - from Vietnamese kindergarten, teens, and adults to friends and fellow travelers across the world. In 2018, he stepped into the Art of Sacred Geometry, a new found passion that he shares with his partner in life, Gem. As a teacher, Alex is always excited to experiment with different engaging and creative ways to get people learning: through mindfulness, music and movement as well as drawings and discussions of fascinating topics and ideas both in and out of the classroom. Alex recently qualified as a meditation teacher in the beautiful Himalayan hills of Dharamshala and is looking forward to integrating his new knowledge and outlook to workshops and classrooms alike.