Divine Knowledge at Kathmandu?s Art Scene

April 11, 2019

We held a fantastic set of workshops in Kathmandu across two sunny afternoons in the welcoming space at Artmandu, Thamel. After spending time in hostels and hangouts the word of our impromptu sessions spread and the crowd that joined us were curious, creative and ? just like us ? up for a chat! We discussed ideas about the creation of the universe, how we perceive reality along with energy fields and chakras. Our metaphysical meditations went down really well too.

Despite the cold mornings, our gatherings brought people together over hot drinks and hot topics throughout the day. We learned that through drawing similar sets of mandalas to our first workshops we ended up talking about a variety of different topics all steered by our audience. Some of the best insights and conversation came from our chance to share knowledge and mandalas on one of our favourite themes, fractals. We were so pleased to have return participants to our handful of workshops, some to create more beautiful drawings but also to continue our philosophical chats!

Author / Alex Sutton
Alex left the UK in 2017 to travel to Asia, where he teaches English. He has a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring creativity in others - from Vietnamese kindergarten, teens, and adults to friends and fellow travelers across the world. In 2018, he stepped into the Art of Sacred Geometry, a new found passion that he shares with his partner in life, Gem. As a teacher, Alex is always excited to experiment with different engaging and creative ways to get people learning: through mindfulness, music and movement as well as drawings and discussions of fascinating topics and ideas both in and out of the classroom. Alex recently qualified as a meditation teacher in the beautiful Himalayan hills of Dharamshala and is looking forward to integrating his new knowledge and outlook to workshops and classrooms alike.