Bromine (Element 35)

The only element that is a liquid at room temperature aside from Mercury. However, unlike Mercury, it has a tendance to readily evaporate.

Bromine is the third halogen, after Florine (9) and Chlorine (17) and is a fuming liquid with a deep purple colour. Halogens are one electron in need of a noble gasoline and tend to kind salts. As a gasoline, it has a pointy and unpleasant scent.

In our new concept of Quantum Geometry, we clarify this nature by the supposition of the electromagnetic spectrum over the Periodic Desk. After we relate the weather to the power wanted to create a specific mild wave, we discover that 350 zeptojoules defines the purpose on the electromagnetic spectrum the place Inexperienced mild turns Yellow. This wavelength additionally corresponds to a wavelength within the nanometer vary of 555nm, which is utilized by a particular set of cells within the human eye. Subsequently, this particular frequency is most readily perceived underneath regular daylight circumstances.

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