Creator God in Hindu Pantheon, most closely associated with the God ‘I am that I am’ from the Old Testament.

Brahma holds the place of the ‘Creator God’, just like ‘Allah’ or ‘God’ in Biblical Scripture. In accordance with Vedic custom, Brahma is shaped when a lotus flower emerges from his stomach. Upon reaching the floor of the water, the flower opens and the universe is created.

The Biblical Story of Creation in Genesis describes the creation of Heaven and Earth when God’s spirit strikes over the floor of the water. When it comes to Sacred Geometry, this motion results in the creation of the Flower of Life tapestry, like a face that’s alluded to in ‘Day 2’ of creation when the firmament is split. This, in flip, results in the institution of Metatron Dice, and the 2D projection of the 5 Platonic solids, the blueprint of which we disclose in our e-book the Template.

Different similarities element the curse of Brahma by Lord Shiva. On this story, Brahma lied to win a problem, upon which Shiva (Rudra) cursed him by no means to be worshipped by humanity ever once more. That is just like the biblical story.  Devil fails to kneel earlier than Adam resulting from his ego, and when he’s thrown out of the backyard of Eden, he swears that people won’t ever workshop their creator. Each tales lead to a curse or promise, that can trigger humanity to neglect about God.

Brahma has 4 faces, one for every path. The 4 instructions are historically related to the North, South, East, and West of a compass. In Hinduism, we discover these encoded into the 4 arms of the swastika which means ‘conducive to effectively being’ or ‘auspicious’. This has additionally been related to the rotation of the Earth or the movement of the Sun throughout the sky. The swastika has a selected affiliation with Diwali, a competition celebrating gentle overcoming darkness. The Swastika and Om are discovered on the open pages of a e-book that lies in entrance of Saraswati, the Goddess of Widom and Studying, the consort of Brahma. 

In our principle of Quantum Geoemetry, we now have unified these concepts with the scientific discovery that gentle waves exhibit each electro and magnetic properties that at all times seem at 90° to one another. On this manner, we’re capable of hyperlink scientific discoveries and non secular mythologies right into a cohesive image. For a lot of the concept that ‘God is the Mild’ is an intuitive understanding, nonetheless, we go one step additional, by displaying that the Picture of Brahma and his qualities match that of the electromagnetic power that pervades the universe, some name the Aether.

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