Biological dimensional
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A dimension of existence based on the cellular body, also termed the Dimension of Life.

There’s a distinct distinction between the inanimate world of rock/mineral and the animated natural world. Within the Mild Universe, all matter is created from mild, which in flip makes the foundations of cells that may transfer in 3D, the Organic Universe. On this dimension, the atomic material is oriented by 3+1 major factor, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen, which are able to forming double and triple bonds. We see an identical double and triple configurations within the two units of DNA pairs. The 4th factor is Hydrogen that bonds with Oxygen to kind water.

The next shell of the atom, we discover two extra parts, Sulphur and Potassium, that completes the 5 ecological cycles wanted for the sustenance of life. Sulfur seems within the amino acids, used to make proteins, and Potassium is discovered within the spine of DNA and is discovered within the ATP Molecule, the important vitality forex for mobile life.

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