Big Bang

A hypothetical model that suggests the universe expanded from a single point, which was disproved by the uniformity of the Aether (CBR) and the Quantised Redshift.

When American astronomer Edwin Hubble noticed that the distances to far-off galaxies have been strongly correlated with their redshifts, the concept that the Universe was increasing started to happen because the prevailing cosmological mannequin for the observable universe. 

The framework for the Huge Bang mannequin depends on Albert Einstein’s idea of basic relativity, and but it is filled with issues which have lead quite a few scientist to postulate different theories, comparable to ‘many worlds’. 

Proof in opposition to Huge Bang is discovered within the Quantised RedShift. If the Universe have been increasing, it needs to be plainly apparent that the Purple Shift on the fringe of the observable universe ought to seem easy, as a substitute, it’s damaged into discrete bands.

Moreover, the cosmic background radiation ought to seem to stretch or distort as time-space expands from the singularity. But, as a substitute, it seems flat.

Our new idea of Time and House simply explains these phenomena. The quantization of time and house is generated by means of boundaries, at totally different scales of actuality. Probably the most obvious of those is the atom the place the electron cloud is quantized into discrete shells. Comparable boundaries are discovered round within the Earth’s Ambiance, our photo voltaic system, and our galaxy, as every is encompassed in an electromagnetic subject. 

This mannequin matches completely with Jap Philosophy, that describes the human aura or sphere of sensation. It additionally lays the foundations to resolve the issue of quantum gravity, the holy grail of quantum physics.

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