Argon (Element 18)

A noble gas found in the 3rd shell of the electron cloud that can be represented as a set of six Octahedra, forming a larger Octahedron.

Argon is aspect quantity 18 within the periodic desk and is a noble fuel. It consists of a full set of p-orbitals, making it utterly inert (non-reactive). It seems within the 3rd shell of the atom, along with Phosperous and Sulphur. The quantity 18 defines how these components type bonds, in accordance with the octet rule. Nevertheless, on this shell, we additionally see the primary set of D-Orbitals, (21-30). (Word: Within the conventional Periodic Desk the primary set fo D-Orbitals seem within the unsuitable shell).

In our new principle ‘Quantum Geometry’, we symbolize Argon as a set of six Octahedra that type a bigger Octahedra, twice the dimensions. This conforms with the concepts put ahead by the De Broglie Pilot wave mannequin, which recommend the shell expands in accodance an everyday improve in dimension.

The areas left empty within the formation symbolize factors the place the electron can not exist. These vacuum areas are attention-grabbing with regard to tapping the vacuum power of the Aether.

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