An entity who inhabits the Heavenly Dimension (Realm of Air).

The idea of angels is present in each Hindu and Biblical traditions. Invisible to human notion, angels vary in each scale and energy. Based on Medieval theology, angels belong to certainly one of three spheres.

The primary sphere
Angels function the heavenly servants of God the Son incarnated.

Seraphim – The burning ones; six-winged beings; with two wings that cowl their faces, with one other two that cowl their toes, and the final two they use to fly.

Cherubim –  have 4 faces: certainly one of a person, an ox, a lion, and an eagle. Cherubim guard the best way to the tree of life within the Backyard of Eden (Genesis 3:24) and the throne of God (Ezekiel 28:14–16).

Thrones – also called ‘ophanim’ (offanim) and ‘galgallin’, are creatures that operate because the precise chariots of God pushed by the cherubs. They’re characterised by peace and submission; God rests upon them. Thrones are depicted as nice wheels containing many eyes, and reside within the space of the cosmos the place materials type begins to take form. They chant glorias to God and stay endlessly in his presence. They mete out divine justice and preserve the cosmic concord of all common legal guidelines.

The Second sphere
Governors of the creation by subjecting matter and guiding and ruling the spirits.

Dominions – regulate the duties of decrease angels. It’s only with excessive rarity that the angelic lords make themselves bodily recognized to people. Dominions are believed to seem like divinely lovely people with a pair of feathered wings, very like the widespread illustration of angels.

Virtues – These angels are these by which indicators and miracles are made on the planet. They’re significantly concerned with individuals combating their religion and encourage people to show at all times to the great and assist improve the particular person’s will to endure hardship and struggling and to have the private power to show ever towards God.

Powers –  Being warrior angels, additionally they oppose evil spirits, particularly people who make use of the matter within the Universe and infrequently solid evil spirits to detention locations. These angels are often represented as troopers sporting full armor and helmet, and in addition having defensive and offensive weapons similar to shields and spears or chains respectively.

The Third sphere

Angels who operate as heavenly guides, protectors, and messengers to human beings.

Principalities – are proven sporting a crown and carrying a scepter. Their obligation additionally is claimed to be to hold out the orders given to them by the higher sphere angels and bequeath blessings to the fabric world. Their activity is to supervise teams of individuals. They’re the educators and guardians of the realm of earth. Associated to the world of the germinal concepts, they’re mentioned to encourage the residing by issues similar to artwork or science.

Archangels – Seem by title and are the leaders of the Angles. Variations fluctuate between 4 and 7 in quantity, nevertheless, it’s usually agreed that Michael and Gabrielle are two. Raphael and Uriel are different widespread names. Within the Ebook of Enoch, Metatron can also be talked about as an Archangel, nevertheless, so consider that that is Enoch himself remodeled into an angelic type by God.

Angles – These are the messengers of the divine order which can be most involved with humanity. Throughout the class of the angels, there are various completely different sorts, with completely different features. The angels are despatched as messengers to humanity. Private guardian angels additionally come into this class.

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